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Women’s Gun Homicides Climb

Chicago’s women are in distress.  Statistics prove women’s deaths due to gun violence has risen steadily for the past three years.  According to the Chicago Sun-Times Homicide Watch 35 women have died due to gun violence in 2017. That is already half of the 71 murdered in 2016. Even worse is that 2016 was 39% higher than the 51 female gun violence victims of 2015.  If we do the math, 2017 will become the deadliest year for female victims of gun violence possibly passing the 100 mark.  The sad truth is over 90% of all the females from 2015-2017 were African-American.  Inner racial violence stems from unemployment of males.  Chicago must create a new job database to increase employment today.

Women’s Violence is Relational

Violence against women is historically linked to the marginalization of the marginalized.  As African-American poverty increases where up to 60% of African-American youth and males are unemployed, women become innocent victims.  According to criminal justice studies women are innocent victims from male relationships-from family and friends to intimate relationships.  Women are with their gang banging cousins, boyfriends and neighbors when a “hit” occurs.  Women are in the cars of the poverty driven drug dealing men when shots ring out.  Women are on the front porch or in their living room with their sons when a drive-by happens.  We cannot stop the violence against women without increasing employment and social services for the “Jim Crowed” males.  American generations are raised with social standards that men and women work collectively to raise families.  Poverty causes crime which causes the familial network and collectivism to fail.

Employment Saves Lives

If you can go to Choosechicago.com to find a free event in the city, why doesn’t the City of Chicago own a website to connect people to jobs?  Monster and Indeed are not working for the non-working. A comprehensive employment database monitored by the City of Chicago matching people to jobs is a solution for violence.  The City’s employment application service on cityofchicago.org must expand to all jobs in the city.  As per the requirements for City jobs, all job applicants must be Chicago residents.  According to the Grassroots Collective, over 100,000 Chicago based jobs are given to suburbanites.  We must take care of our own residents before others.  Chicago residents are all victims of the rising violence as the latest University of Chicago study states that 1 in 4 people now have PTSD.  The City must create training classes, practice interview workshops and resume tutorials.  Employment and stability should only be a click away for our residents.

The City of Chicago must implement a new way to fight unemployment and crime.  Women’s lives depend on it.

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