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Without Education, Another Tragedy May Happen in November

Our freedom of speech is an amazing right that we forgo to maintain our own semblance of personal peace.  We know our government can be corrupt but we choose to continue on our daily routines instead of saying something.  We choose to continue to vote for politicians that haven’t helped us or our nation to progress to a truly democratic state.  We walk away and ignore the countless crimes we have seen committed such as politicians sexually harassment, and their stock sales before recessions. Our American brethren have taken to the streets and social media to alert our nation that corruption isn’t the American way anymore.  But can it last till November’s election?  

Hegemony is a socially constructive state of mind that seeps into our daily lifestyles.  Can we change that in 2020?  If we want a different century that’s For the People, By the People, then we must finally change our daily habits that will affect our voting in November.  We must begin to read books like The Shock Doctrine by Noami Klein to have a keen sense of government accountability.  It’s a great source presenting authoritarianism, attacks on unions, and the devastating effects of neoliberal policy.  Then we could switch gears and read Deer Hunting with Jesus by Joe Bageant about the class war occurring that divides us more then any news story will ever tell. These two books provide insight into the governments social links to maintaining hegemony.  Not that all government or political leaders are bad people but we should be able to connect what we see on the front page with our lives.  Our more educated lives. 

In truly understanding the fight against racism let’s go back to the Jim Crow days and read The Warmth of Other Suns by Isabel Wilkerson.   It’s not a race war that’s occurring, it’s a fight to have the American Dream equally and peacefully.  We must revisit our past so we don’t make the same mistakes we are making as a nation right now.  African-Americans have always been degraded in America from 1619 to today yet they are American citizens.  They should be provided the same equality as anyone else.  

Chris Hayes wrote an incredible book, A Colony in a Nation, on the Michael Brown protests depicting the militarization of protests for Blacks versus other races.  The 2020 protests with greater participation by White people is a stark comparison to the way looters and protesters were treated differently than during Ferguson.  This book will provide a true view of why protests haven’t worked before and why they might work now.  

The evolution of our injustice system will shock you in the jarring We Were Eight Years In Power by Ta-Nehisi Coates.  This book provides exactly how and why the November 2020 election should be the most important event of this year.  America is not about race, class, or creed but humanity and providing equality so humanity flourishes together.  

We the people need to come together to admit that what we see and live is not fair or equal to all Americans.  It’s not a Political Tribes thing as Amy Chua excellently presents but an American thing.  The more you know about our country and its exploitation of us to promote a race and class war within the very people that make this the greatest country on earth the better prepared you will be to vote.  Don’t just check the Red or Blue box in November.  Choose American freedom and equality.  Make the lives of those sacrificed through illegal means like Tamir Rice and David Koschman mean more than a vigil.  

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