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When Americans Rights Infringe Upon Our Liberties

How many ambulance sirens do you hear on an average day?  For some of our rural and suburban friends, there are few if ever heard.  The closer people get to the city or even near a high school these days, those wails of suffering can be heard with an immediate dreariness felt.  Some of us may be worried about our elderly neighbors while many people are wondering who and how many people were shot.  Yes, that’s how many of us think these days.  It’s a rarity to believe the ambulance is for an illness, more like a social illness.  Even worse is when the quaint little towns and exurbs hear the ambulance it sounds like their worst nightmare has come true with the heightened rash of high school and other mass shootings.  These deviations in our thought patterns when the siren wails are a true sign that our Right to Bear Arms may be infringing upon our liberties especially the life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness part.  

Unfortunately, the sirens are no longer just an urban or poverty issue.  Shootings have spread across America in every state and in many little towns.  From our beloved kindergarteners to our high school seniors, our kids aren’t safe.  In 2019 there were 180 school shootings alone with the majority occurring during school hours when children were present. Even worse is the majority of the shooters are fellow students.  So is there a solution?  Could anti-bullying for those kids that turn into mass killers help?  Or do we need armed security guards and teachers?  If we cannot agree on limitations on gun access then we need to figure out how to keep our kids safe.  Their liberty to go to school shouldn’t mean losing their life. 

Outdoor restaurant seating is great, a meal with fresh air and a view.  A little Main street shopping kills two birds with one stone as they saw-supporting local small businesses to our Big Box brethren with the ease of walking in your own area or a short drive.  We all love our flourishing business districts until they become fatal.  From Michigan to Texas and beyond, people are dying while shopping.  The right to shop may not be in the Constitution but the liberty of safety is deftly included and implied.  We cannot continue to blame the store managers and corporations for the violence that occurs to us while we spend money to keep our Capitalist wheel turning.  Our society cannot decide if gun control is an infringement on their rights or their liberties.  Think of how safe you feel the next time you go to the store.  Like they say in the theaters these days-know where your exits are in case you need one quickly.  

As mental health issues finally appear across our headlines and our dinner tables, the “Brady Bill” may not be such a bad idea after all.  Just ask the 4.5 million women who have been threatened with a gun by their intimate partner who understands the mental incapacitation of violent offenders.  An average of 52 women is shot and killed by their intimate partner by a gun every month.  Maybe we need a new Brady Bill.  Maybe people need to take a much deeper psychological test to receive their right to own a gun.  The liberty of life is much more precious than the right to bear arms.  

It’s time that we begin to think of the daily activities we have changed and will change to avoid violence.  Are your kids safe in their high school?  Should the guy your daughter dates have access to a gun?  Are you packing a gun to go shopping?  Make the list of the changes, the people, places, and events that are related to gun violence near you or that may have happened to you.  If there’s more bad than good, you’ve lost your liberty to be safe within your Constitutional rights.  Maybe it’s time we change laws instead of our daily routines.  Our lives depend on it.  

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