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We the People Will Succeed

The 21st Century has opened up very similar to other times in history especially the 20th Century.  We have had a global health pandemic, an increase in labor strikes, and progressive candidates in the Capitol, while protests change our American Way.  Generally, the Constitution states that there are three branches of government but they don’t have the final say.  We the People are rising again to ensure our hopes, dreams, and security are a formidable guide for leaders.  

The Fourth Branch has spoken from the Michael Brown protests in Ferguson to the anti-quarantine protests, the people are using their Constitutional rights to enforce their own views on governance.  The anti-quarantine protests effectively re-opened Americans’ consumerism, of course at their own risk.  The women’s protests started since President Trump’s first inauguration was successful in motivating more women to run for office.   Americans tend to be uncomfortable with protests rather seeing them in a better light as time passes.  We are slow to realize the gains of protests since legislation and societal standards take months to years to actualize. 

Politicians do listen to our voices when they are raised, not just because we shut out traffic and take over state capitols, it’s because we become politically mobilized.  That is the key to making the change we want to be.  When millions of people are protesting the same issue across America, politicians know these people, and their direct social and familial circles will be activated to vote.  It’s the groupthink experience that pushes legislation into passage.  This groupthink has become the greatest political divide in centuries in America with a consistent barrage of abuse coming from the Blue and the Red against each other.  It’s the people surrounding themselves with like-minded individuals that make the differences in America, not the haters.

As the economic effects of the coronavirus continue to wreak havoc on our lives, will the political divide be the death of us?  We mustn’t think that politicians have our best interests at heart when they legislate stimulus relief bills.  There is plenty of evidence that the Democrats halted the passage of stimulus bills to include riders on abortion.  There’s also evidence that the Republicans were not willing to place strict regulations on the small business loans so that big businesses like Potbelly’s could receive funding.  It’s We the People making the economic recovery possible.  

We are taking the pittance stimulus checks we receive and putting them back into the economy from buying online to donating funds for healthcare workers lunches.  We the People had the social media protests imploring big businesses to return the small business loans to the little guys.  It’s We the People that are delivering food, groceries, and people through Instacart, Lyft, Uber, and a slew of gig jobs.  We are making the economic gains because we have decided we care for each other.  Small businesses and communities are using their likeness as neighbors and American citizens to help each other through innovative measures.  In Chicago, one neighborhood created a small business raffle fund that will be split with each small business so they can re-open when it’s time.  In New York, residents are singing to the essential workers to lift their spirits during this devastating time.  These are examples of how We the People can continue to use groupthink not just protests to battle and win against coronavirus.  

It’s time to set aside our political differences even if for the next month to focus on being an effective fourth branch of government.  We must continue to have social media protests against indirect funding of big business while we whittle away our savings, it’s important we call our representatives to scream for PPE for our essential workers and we must continue to spread the word on price gauging in the stores.  We are the voice of America and it’s up to us to beat coronavirus with an injection of our willful and powerful spirited actions from home.  We can do this America because we always have and always will.  Stay safe and healthy! 

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