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U.S. Military has the Experience We Need in Crisis Intervention

Politicians continue to call the Covid-19 pandemic a war.  A virus more stealthy than actual combat. Or could it still be face to face combat since it seems to be spread by physical contact?  Either way, if this is a war then we don’t need politicians we need the military. The military has the expertise and experience that can make all of us safer until we can finally claim a V-Day.  It may be high time to hand the daily and future operations of this pandemic to colonels and privates instead of governors and mayors. 

Our military has the expertise in mass evacuations, mitigating occurring and past events as well as future preparations.  It’s the military who are the main members of our FEMA teams which swoop in to help us with natural disasters. Their Standard Operating Procedures (S.O.P.) are pre-determined guides for actions within a set operation.   Instead of trying to mitigate resources and actions through inexperienced personnel in political and government circles, the military is ready to act. Every member of the military has a set of duties and responsibilities pre-programmed when they enter a disaster zone.  This is evident as the military created field hospitals in major cities like Chicago’s McCormick Place in less than a weeks time.  Military personnel act quickly due to S.O.P.s which are going to save our lives, let them take the lead on preparing for the sick. 

We need the National Guard to police our streets to remove those refusing social distancing orders and criminals that are being under detected.  Over 800 police officers called off sick in one day in Chicago as they struggle for rights from the city to be protected. Detroit’s police department is struggling as over 150 officers are quarantined with COVID-19 as the disease spreads.  Crime is under detected as there aren’t enough officers on the streets to find all the vandalism that is occurring.  Legal experts expect that crime during COVID-19 will increase as criminals understand the strained state of the police department.  If our police officers are sick, then we need the military. There’s a fine line between pandemic and war, criminals will define that without a safety net for residents.

Veterans are our frontline experts so remove the red tape to have them employed immediately.  Currently, Governors are sending pleas to former, retired and inactive health professionals.   Veterans have similar training in the health field and beyond. Veterans have experience with mass mobilization of resources as they have served in wars (our current 20-year war in the Middle East).  They have the mental and physical abilities to sustain long hours of stressful work with sick and victimized people. Our military cares for the sick and injured in war zones from bombings, shootings and even chemical warfare.  They can handle the Covid-19 pandemic. Veterans understand massive contingency plans to re-open closed buildings like hospitals with fewer resources due to wartime training. The Army Core of Engineer veterans have worked on maintaining healthy water systems which we will eventually have problems as this physical virus spreads.  These are just a few examples of their great awareness and abilities. We need a massive call to re-employ/deploy them immediately as a precious experienced resource in this war.  

Let’s never forget that politicians are viewing their own votes and voters.  They will try to handle a war that they aren’t accustomed to nor experienced.  The military doesn’t care who you vote for, they’re are trained to vote only for our care.  If we need to win a war the military is who we call, not the mayor.  

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