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Three Reasons Against Immigration Deportation

The debate on immigration continues to create a fissure across American communities as wide as the grand ol’ Mississippi.  The Immigration Customs and Enforcement office seems busier than ever answering questions on their guidelines than deporting people.  Social justice warriors spend more time protesting than educating immigration opponents.  But do Americans truly understand what deportation would cost us as a society? Mass deportation will obstruct laws our nation created, drive down the economy and destroy American social norms.

America Is The World Policeman

There’s a current presidential order to deport 16 and 17 year old immigrant children yet it is against our own UN law. Should we invalidate our own law to appease the public? Excerpt from Border Children:

The old saying, United Nations of America, should be applied here, beyond a satirical joke.  As the leader of the United Nations since its inception, the United States of America has had a powerful hand in generating the charter, guides and rules for the entire world.  One of the greatest UN treasures is the Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) enforced in September of 1990.  This convention reiterated and made specific guidelines for all countries to abide by in dealing with immigrant and migrant children.

Article 36states, “parties shall protect the child against all other forms of exploitation prejudicial to any aspects of the child’s welfare” (OHCHR Document).  We, the USA, are not to harm these migrant children by any means especially political and media exploitation.  The “kids” are not a political pawn but a human rights need that we are bound to by the leadership we emanate in the United Nations charters we agree by.  We cannot turn these ravaged children back to considerably dangerous homes.  We are to make new homes for them to further protect them.  These “kids” are considered war refugees.  Take a look around and see that many more nations than the US are housing a million plus war refugees.  Sixty thousand kids that can be molded into average Americans isn’t as difficult as what Syrian refugee host countries are going through.


Thousands of US citizens are employed as I.C.E. agents, judges, bailiffs, clerks, police, FBI agents, immigration lawyers, States and US attorneys, etc.  How many US citizens would lose their jobs if all immigrants were deported? An example. There are 250 immigration judges in 58 court roomsacross America with at least 30 people employed through these court rooms.  So far, that’s 7500 people out of jobs with about 130 in each community.  Now that manufacturing has left, where do these people find jobs?

Second Chance

All saints have a past and every sinner a future.  In America we rise from ashes again and again, like a Phoenix.  Americans love stories of conquering defeat. Michael Vick killed dogs for pleasure but people tuned in to watch his football games.  The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of America hid pedophile priests but we still go to church.  Hollywood openly discriminates women’s wages and aging but we make “them” millions.   Everyday US citizens give criminals a second chance sometimes rewarding them with million dollar pay checks. Immigrants come here from desperation of war torn countries, killing squads hunting women and famine.  Before we throw people out of America think about our own actions, our own heroes. Will keeping immigrants here while rehabilitating them for success really cost us American independence, our American dreams? Is giving immigrants a second chance at citizenship really killing us?

American Society Is The Judge

Today we are asked many questions regarding the deportation of immigrants.  Our society reflects upon this question like a War of the Roses. The decisions that American society makes will be long lasting-both positive and negative.  If you could make the decision today to deport immigrants what would you do?


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