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The Unique Maps Flipping American Political Life

As Americans, we have constantly beheld the notion of manifest destiny. Our innate ability to decide our future through trials and tribulations while changing the map of the future.  Speaking of maps, our infantile travels into the 21st Century have been met with adventures on our road to a true Democracy. As a nation we envision changes in an extensive gerrymandering case in North Carolina, Chicago’s first Black female mayoral election tells a story of two cities while city-state mapping could be the key to winning the Electoral College.  Is our future dependent on these maps? Let’s take a look.

Gerrymandering Is A Monster

North Carolina has been a hotbed of unruly and belligerent political motivations.  Currently, a gerrymandering case is finally reaching SCOTUS on defining electoral maps.  According to the drafters of the new redistricting map, it’s politics as usual while cutting out minorities across the entire state from majority constituencies.   The map of contention creates a mass of 11 Republican districts versus 2 Democrat districts.  Its far eastern and western sides of the state’s district boundaries are nearly as big as some of America’s smaller states.  The Loch Ness monster seems to appear in district 11. If not Nessy than definitively the beast from the Cloverfield movie. It’s as unrealistic as ever but SCOTUS has never voted against a partisan map.  Odds are in a majority Republican court it won’t happen this time either. Supreme Court judges customarily vote with the party that placed them in the robe. The real monster will be the fight for the Electoral College.  

Roman City-States Return To Power

Speaking of the Electoral College, it’s been a constant argument to revoke that Constitutional right for our smaller states.  Lest neither party forget they have both won the White House with that equal amendment.  We don’t need to change our Constitution for either party to win a presidential race, we need to change our political strategy.  Nolan Gray created a map of the city-states which would create an incredible GOTV strategy across America. He contends that people are connected to their major cities whether from the suburbs, rural areas or even in neighboring states.  Everyone from sociologists to real estate agents know cities are the economic, entertainment and cultural hubs. In the article, Gray presents the idea that using these maps could have political implications?  Yes, especially since the majority of the liberal vote is urban.

Democrats could use the maps to strategize a new Great Realignment in the South.  They would need to mobilize the voters in the city-states map to turn Blue.  For example-Minnesota’s twin cities, Minneapolis and St. Paul are the influential urban hubs through North and South Dakota.  According to Gray’s cartographic analysis, the Kansas City and Overland Park cities in Missouri could influence voters in three other states, Iowa, Kansas, and Nebraska.   On the other hand, Republicans could use these maps to determine where the city-state influence decreases. If Minneapolis influences a southern corner of North Dakota, then there is room for growth from a political standpoint.  The very edges of the influential city-states would enable a GOTV drive along borders. (Yes, we just said borders and Republican in one sentence but not Mexico, Lol).

The city-states strategy is important to retain our Constitutional state sovereignty power and equality.  Americans in Rhode Island and Delaware should not be forced to ignore their collective voice as a powerful Electoral College vote.  Their tiny population would barely be heard. Clinton won the popular vote by over 2 million. Rhode Island only has 777,000 registered voters whereas Illinois has more than that in just one city, Chicago.  Our Founding Fathers ensured state equality, we can’t dismiss that just because we don’t like the current president.  His term is only 4 years our Constitution is infinite.

Endorsing Maps

Let’s get to that local map now.  Chicago’s making herstory as two African-American mayoral candidates enter the April 2nd runoff.  It’s not just the commercials we are watching non-stop but the primary map.  Lori Lightfoot won the “lakefront liberals” while Toni Preckwinkle took from the predominantly African-American middle-class areas.  One of the most important aspects for either of these 2 candidates to win is receiving endorsements from the other 13 candidates that didn’t.  Yes, there were approximately 15 candidates in the ”primary”. If we look at the green spaces which is the Black Belt of Chicago, Willie Wilson won those wards.  He endorsed Lightfoot as well as Mendoza (purple), Joyce (yellow) and Chico (light blue).  Just those few endorsements make it seem possible that Chicago’s next mayor will be an African-American lesbian with few ties to old school machine politics.  The political landscape of Chicago will change dramatically. This is the map flipping Chicago. According to Noland Gray’s analysis, this city-state will influence nearly three other state politics.                      

These three maps provide a flipping theory across America.  From gerrymandering to the Roman notion of city-states, we will see change on a massive scale.  It’s not just popular vote vs. Electoral College, it’s the influence of the Supreme Court, cities and endorsements that have control of our future.  What map most affects your political future?

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