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The New State of American Women

What are crimes against women?  American social construction has created crimes and sentences that are inequitable forcing women into victimization.  This quick report outlines three of the top crimes that the public must stop ignoring: sex trafficking, drug abuse and increased female jail sentences.

Sex Trafficking Is Not  A Trend

Sex trafficking is becoming the newest Hollywood trend with new docudramas on cable television.  The shows show a demoralizing version of the extreme violence and victimization of females across America.  As U.S. citizens we must protect our future generations by working against sex trafficking.  Currently, a lawsuit from a Chicagoland mother against Backpage.com may help create stronger standards on internet monitoring.  As the political party leaders decide the fate of millions of females, call your Congressperson now to let them know you support new legislation. Find more here: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2017/07/11/sex-ad-revelations-put-backpage-back-in-congressional-crosshairs.html

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Opioid Crisis Killing Record Number of Women

When General Custer declared war on the Native Americans, he had said kill the women and children and you kill the seed of the nation.  Drug dealers must be history buffs as their opioid trafficking is doing just that. Re-stated from my previous article

“We, as a nation, are witnessing the havoc drug addiction in women causes the entire familial structure for generations again.  We learned through the crack epidemic that women’s drug abuse has severe consequences for society, not just their immediate families.  According to the US Office on Women’s Health, close to 30% of all women between the ages of 18-44 have filled a prescription for opioids since 2008.   A 2013 Vital Signs CDC report stated every 3 minutes a women is treated in the emergency room for painkiller misuse.   The National Institutes of Health has found very similar long term medical dysfunctions in children born from opioid abusing women as crack. Opioid orphans are increasing across the US with Kentucky having the highest rate with 70,000. The US foster care system cannot find placement for these orphans as entire Matriarchal systems fall to drugs. If we can’t help our American women, generations of dysfunction and drug addiction will not cease. Increased detox centers, Suboxone and counseling centers geared toward women’s addiction is imperative”.  Our women are our future, start healing the nation and our future now. We need a national opioid policy.

Women: The New Prisoner

According to the Sentencing Project, women’s incarceration has risen 700% since 1980 from 26,378 in 1980 to 215,332 in 2014.  Approximately 64-84% of incarcerated mothers had at least one minor child living with them before sentencing. These women are receiving inequitable sentences for misdemeanors and simple felonies.  Women are now the fastest growing segment of the prison population leaving millions of children without parents.  Minority women are adversely affected as they receive longer sentences and are more likely to be single mothers.  When mom goes to jail, our future generations are forced into an inadequate foster care and state child care system.  These children have higher odds of becoming criminals themselves. We must create extended work and family release programs for women to serve time while caring for their families.  In Chicago, the Cook County Sheriff has increased the number of women eligible for home confinement to reduce prison births.  When we extend the amount of time Mom has to care for her children we nurture the future of our nation.  Stop confinement and expand programs for rehabilitation.  Only American citizens will pay the price for women’s blight future.

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