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The 19th Amendment Will Decide America’s Future

One hundred years ago women received their right to vote.  Sure, it was a long and hard time coming but it was a political catalyst for the entire country.  Today, that amendment will decide the fate of our American future as the 2020 presidential election leaves few easy options to vote upon.

In 2018, Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh was battered through a media onslaught supported with massive protests from harassment charges that were unfounded and over 20 years old.  Since President Trump’s inauguration more women have protested and run for election than in American history.  So why haven’t either the Democrats or Republicans listened to our voices?  

Uncle Joe, as Biden is fondly called or creepy uncle after pictures and investigations of sexual harassment, has tipped off, is the nominee for the party that cares for the women’s vote.  They have always carried the legislative torch for women and supported more female candidates.  This same party has forgotten that 51% of the most active voting bloc in the nation is female.  And we know of President Trump’s continuous escapades.   Will women be voting for the better of two evils?

How can we have a positive effect on the future of America?  Our turnout is higher than men as demonstrated in the 2018 elections.  We can bypass the presidents and go straight for Congressional and local leadership.  All politics is local so vote female and pro-female candidates.  In no way do we need to ignore male candidates but make sure they are a part of our legislative team.  We, the women of America, must have progress in voting chambers to ensure progress in our society.  Politics is like an inverted triangle.  For example, the state senator carries the vote for the Congressional senator.  The alderman carries the vote to the state senator.  It’s a trickle-up system so don’t ignore the changes that we can make on the low level of the political spectrum. That light will eventually shine to the top.  

Political staffs have usually been a boys club but it’s slowly changing.  As we have witnessed this even in President Trump’s administration where women have been his press secretaries and in the cabinet circle.  That’s great but they need to be aligned with pro-women and social legislative agendas.  Start asking your political leaders about their staff requirements-are they reflective of the constituents?  Why don’t politicians have a quota for minority hiring?  More women could enter the inner circles of politics and make real change.  

Studies abound on the impression of husbands on wives voting.  It’s time politicians get past that outdated mode of canvassing.  Don’t ignore us since single mothers are now head of the household to nearly 30% of American families. We have different issues than married women.  Single mothers are not impressed by media presentations of the nuclear family.  That’s not real life for us.  There are more females as essential workers today since WWII.  Do you really think women care if the woman you want us to vote for balances her soccer mom responsibilities with a prestigious job?  The majority of us working women don’t have that luxury.  It’s like playing the game Memory.  Match the candidate to the people.  The symbolic representation will get all of America further. 

Last but never the least, get your kids out to vote.  As attacks on the 26th Amendment suppress the youth vote it’s more important than ever to help your kids get their vote on.  Teach them the issues at dinner time about their voice in America’s future.  Teach them how their vote is suppressed.  Every vote counts and that’s our job Moms to make sure our kids count. 

Let’s not forget the hard work of women as we struggle to retain the soul of America through diseases, recessions, and the intrusion of social media.  We are the daughters of America and we shall continue to rise to be the leaders of this incredible country.  Stay safe and healthy America! 

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