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Space Force is 21st Century American Security

For a country addicted to the Star Wars saga, the political punditry surrounding the American Space Force is surprisingly disappointing.  The political tribalism is evident in tweets from across the spectrum.  As the American Century continues to hone its focus, space is the place.  We spend needless hours following impeachments yet the news isn’t covering the very important aspect of rising to global challenges.  

The Space Force is simply an evolutionary method of protecting Americans here and abroad.  As technology grows so will our security needs. Over 30 million people’s Facebook accounts were hacked in 2018 yet we continued to have our security breached daily on this popular site.  Our credit cards, bank accounts, and credit agencies were hacked to the tune of 7.8 billion accounts in 2019.   The personal becomes even more political as ransomware attacks shut out government sites and businesses in cities across America costing millions in recovery.  Beyond the internet, our safety and security are breached daily yet we usually don’t notice. Drones, infrared cameras, heat-seeking cameras and a slew of ever-evolving devices monitor us like it’s 1984.  Unfortunately, it’s not Big Brother watching. It’s your neighbors, theft rings, kidnappers, sex traffickers, and stalkers.  That means our security is consistently at risk in the unseen realm. Our physical security is just as important and at-risk without space-aged monitoring.

According to political forecasters such as George Friedman, the real space war is based on the growing surveillance abilities amongst nations.  If your neighbor 100 feet from your front door knows your whereabouts what could happen if Russia knew where American military supplies were stored?  What if the Russians (yes, the reputed political hacking giants) could pinpoint where our nuclear weapons were? They don’t need to send a nuke if the can send a missile that will just hit our own base and blow us to smithereens.  Surveillance is the key to military and economic security and expansion.

Let’s go back to 2007 when China used a missile to destroy a space satellite.  The country was flexing its space muscle telling the world, we can and will defend our space surveillance technology. The story trails off as a global recession began in 2008 redirecting space funds to putting food on people’s tables throughout the world.  Now as we have recovered competition is heating up. Russia and China have both progressed past the United States’ efforts and this spells trouble brewing. According to NASA, we depend on our space satellites to transfer information about our own country and everyone else. This is the critical information for weather like hurricanes to monitoring terrorist cells here and abroad.  If anyone has ever been through a TSA checkpoint, we all know we are an easy target. 

Sure, you may say our surveillance didn’t help with the Twin Towers or the OKC bombing.  It’s more complicated than that. Our satellite system’s growth will deflect surveillance from other countries.  Friedman’s book explains as well as DOD that blocking surveillance over our country is important. A space force treaty would allow each country limits on surveillance to keep its population safe and the ability to monitor conflict zones around the globe. The American Space Force will decrease casualties and costs of physically monitoring conflicts and intelligence collection. 

There are only two requests by readers this time.  First, educate yourselves on our need for a Space Force minus the political division being forced upon us.  Secondly, remember to always respect and support our troops. We live in an amazing country constantly protected by the immense sacrifices of millions of men and women in our Armed Forces.  God bless America to the moon and back. 

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