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Solutions To Shutdown The Wall

Solutions to Shutdown The Wall

The Constitution provides American citizens the will of the people-commonly referred to as popular sovereignty.  The Founding Fathers included popular sovereignty as a right of all people to use their will to persuade politicians for true representation.  In the past ten years we have witnessed more use of popular sovereignty as movements have risen while progressive legislation has passed.  Speaking of progressive, let’s think of Ted Cruz actually submitting legislation on term limits. An act that will limit his own career.  Unfortunately, popular sovereignty seems to rule the current debate on The Wall.  But we have that right.  The history of popular sovereignty makes one wonder if it’s a truly a right for the people or against the people?

Pre-Civil War Sovereignty

As Lincoln and Douglas debated slavery a term was used several times during those infamous debates-popular sovereignty.  Douglas and the anti-abolitionists deceivingly presented the will of citizens in slave territories to deny slaves freedom.  Douglas and his cohorts insisted that the free will of the citizens appropriated the free will of the slaves, though the slaves did not have a choice.  It took more than ten years for Douglas and his followers to understand the true concept of popular sovereignty.  It is not the will of a few but the will of all of us to make great and lasting changes.  Today history is repeating itself.

The Will of the Wall

As the shutdown continues the bipartisan sentiment grows.  Not just in Congress but on the streets and in the hills of our fair country.  The American people are divided in their stance on the Wall and the shutdown.  According to Pew Research, 58% of Americans refuse an expansion to the Wall whereas 40% affirm their desire for expansion. If we are ruling by popular sovereignty the shutdown should end immediately with no expansion of the wall.  But it doesn’t end there.  The deeper question is the partisan divide on the shutdown that is caused by Trumps demand for the Wall.  Nearly 80% of Democrat leaning respondents stated the shutdown is a serious issue with only 35% of Republicans stating the same.  A few reasons for the differences may be the high unionized rate of federal workers which are normally a Democrat alliance.  Another is that Republicans agree with austerity and the social services that are part of the shutdown were always a part of the plan.  This polls response is a misleading caricature of popular sovereignty.  We cannot just split the wall as this poll leads us to believe to reopen our government.  If Trump insists he is ruling for the will of the people, his constituents have spoken and he’s listening.   The same can be said of the Democrats.  But there a few minute details of the Constitution that the American people may use to their advantage.

Majority Rule with Minority Rights

Even our free will is subject to the majority rules with minority rights concept of the Constitution.  As witnessed in the end of slavery the passage of the Civil Rights Act and the newly passed Equal Rights Amendments across the nation, we the people can collectively use our voice to reopen government.  If these polls are correct the majority of the people have used their free will and the minority will need to concede.  In laymen’s terms, the Democrats win.  The minority constituency attacked in the Wall saga have a right to protest to have their free will as a Civil Right represented.

Civil Rights As A Solution

A solution to the Wall issue is a dual minority position.  Latinos are 17% of the United States and 11% of the electorate.  If popular sovereignty actually rules, they would never have a powerful position.  That’s why politicians need to invoke minority rights to stop the shutdown as a violation of the Civil Rights Act.  If the Wall will create an overwhelmingly racist institutionalized structure we can stop it.  It is similar to the statues removed the past few years.  If a structure is a violation of the Civil Rights Act it must be removed similar to the removal of the Ten Commandments tablets removed from  courthouses and government buildings.  It’s a very simple answer to the political rhetoric.

Future Effect of the Shutdown

If the Wall goes up we will have a civil rights crisis.  Latinos popular sovereignty must be represented and abided for all of us to retain our rights.  The old saying united we stand divided we fall is true.  Once they eliminate the rights of Latinos we are all next.  The economic downturn from the shutdown will have lasting effects including a 1% GDP loss just for this year.  The federal government has the largest employee base in America making sure to grease its own Capitalistic wheel.  Once they stop adding to our economy, growth slows.  But it’s not just about minorities and money, it’s about our country maintaining our popular sovereignty. The last time we truly visited popular sovereignty America was in a Civil War and Trump’s no Lincoln.


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