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Single Mothers Can Turn a Red State Blue

The historical failure to elect a president in 2016 can be blamed on women.  During that election women from across the United States consistently battled on the position of women in “real life” compared to the presidency.  Questions included; Is a woman emotionally stable for the job? Or Shouldn’t Clinton be at home as a grandmother?  The questions were raised through the socially constructed gender stereotypes for American women.  The stereotypes have not changed with the times where 24% of all American families are now headed by single mothers. According to research, 11,814,000 families are single parents with 83% being a female head of households.   The American electorate is approximately 9,805,620 million single mother voters. Seven out of ten of single-mother children living in poor or low-income homes creating a plethora of new and different political needs for female voters. Both major political parties must gain focus on this ever-growing voter trend for success for all American families.

Household-work, raise kids, go to school, doctor’s appointments, thrift stores and maybe the occasional time to read a good book.  Yes, this voter demographic has heard the squawking from the Democrats and chuckling from the Republicans.  But 24% of the electorate isn’t happy or sad.  They have stayed the same, in some places worse. They are the single-mother electorate.  They are the women who rise and shine for the children that will run our country sooner than later.  They are the women who don’t go shopping for themselves to save for the higher tax bill next year.  They are the women who don’t complain when the child support check doesn’t come, better luck next time.  They are the women directly influencing the next electorate-future voters.  Where do they count in the campaign?  With the exception of an anecdote from few politicians on their single-mothers or aunts or neighbors, they don’t count.  They have very specific needs that politicians need to pay attention to and incorporate in their issues platforms.  They need specific reforms that can enable themselves and their children to oil the already squeaking wheel of capitalism.  Political platforms must begin to include the following needs to increase voter participation that should protect and promote all American families.  It’s not ma and pa anymore. 

Equal Pay

Equal pay is imminent for single-mothers to raise the children of the future.  If pay is not equalized poverty will expand creating adverse effects on the children that will rule in the next generational elections.  It is a simple equation of what you give is what you get.  Poverty expansion harms all politicians, blue or red.  If single mother families don’t eat, politicians and capitalism won’t either.  Prioritize the ERA as a human rights amendment.  The American future is counting on it (dollars for sense here).


Education is key to empowerment of women.  As college enrollment increased in the past decade that number was supported by a record number of women. Yet, the Fed increased interest rates on student loans.  That’s called backward.  In order for the economy to grow in a capitalist system, consumers must have more money to spend.  That’s why we have stimulus checks.  Instead of stimulus checks decrease student loan rates and fees.  Politicians need to pay attention to the rate of student loans in comparison to the rate of successful empowerment of women.  As the single mother voters rise, their benefits as voters and Americans must rise.

Child Support

Child Support can create a better life for struggling single-mothers.  Yet, not one politician wants to discuss new endeavors to maintain child support payments.  If a woman is not on state subsistence, then child support must be battled in court.  Court costs for the average single mom include but are not limited to: loss of work time, babysitting fees, court fees, travel costs and lawyer fees.  If politicians want their vote they must create a federal database and dispensary for child support.  Women, not just state-assisted, will be sent a child support check and the federal government will prosecute the dead-beat father (same goes for single fathers of course).  The check should be the same as the original court order, no less.  A child support payment, no matter what the father or other parent’s situation is, should never go below $200 a month.  We should never hear of the arbitrary and capricious payment amounts set by judges, in some cases $10 a week.  It should be a government mandated payment with the option to increase if the other parent’s income is higher. The government can easily seize property, paychecks, taxes, etc as a repayment.  State systems are not working successfully unless thousands are owed.  One missed child support payment could be a world of problems for single mother families.  Pay attention to that.


Childcare is not an option, it is a human capability need of the 21st Century.  The price of childcare is rising close to 3% a year equal to over $6,000 a year in our poorest states, even more in the rest of the nation. These rises disenable women to continue working and adding to the capitalist system.  The lack of childcare leaves millions of potentially successful business partners, entrepreneurs and good employees sidelined. As wages have stagnated, childcare has increased.  Our economy is dependent on women going to work.  Make childcare a state-subsidized program for all single-mothers regardless of income.  They should not have to pay the equivalent of a two-parent family for childcare.  The federal government must subsidize any childcare expenses that are over 10% of the annual salary of a single-parent.  This can enable single-mothers to maintain economic control of their families while adding to the economic feasibility of all Americans.

These are just a few issues that are on the minds of 24% of the electorate.  There are many more personal needs for single-mothers of disabled children, low-income homes and much more.  They need the politicians of today and tomorrow to help us.  They cannot continue to vote against themselves.  Our children and the future of the United States are depending on it.

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