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Page Guidelines

Mission Statement

Political Writes creates political analysis and public policy to grow opportunities for American citizen enrichment based on educational connections between real-time and future trends of American life.

Guidelines for Sharing, Contributor and Republishing Content
So you want to republish a piece of content from Political Writes? First off, thanks! We love it when people want to share our stuff.

We have some requests when it comes to how our content gets shared:

Social sharing
Of course, we love when you share our content via social media. If you want this to catch our attention, please use the following:


Facebook-@politicalwrites1 or at the Political Writes page.


Article Posting
Feel free to publish any of our articles, along with a link to the full piece and the website. The articles must not be amended or changed in any manner. We ask that when you post the full article that it is directly attributed back to the politicalwrites.com website. They are original pieces by Mac-Z Zurawski and this they will remain. Mac-Z Zurawski must be notified immediately if any articles are to be posted on your website, newsletters, podcasts and other forms of your media. A link to the post must be emailed to politicalstarnews@gmail.com within 48 hours of posting. We ask that you also include the short bio included below. And if you include our social media handles, we’ll help spread the love.
Politicalwrites.com is a creation of Mac-Z Zurawski. She is a political science professor at Chicago State University and a researcher and public policy creator for local political leaders with a focus on the political education of the masses. Be prepared through knowledge.

Amending Articles For Your Source
Mac-Z Zurawski can make amendments to articles for publication in your media source. She understands that there are ways to shift focus to a deeper local view. The changes can be discussed by emailing her at politicalstarnews@gmail.com.

Images and infographics
All images can be included in your published content, as long as you adhere to the common courtesy of attribution of the original image.

Translation of articles
You are welcome to translate articles from Politicalwrites.com into another language. All sharing must be attributed to Politicalwrites.com through the means described above.

Content Attribution Policy
For summaries, social sharing, reprints, and images, we ask that you adhere to the following guidelines.

1) Cite Politicalwrites.com as the original source.

2) Link to the source on Politicalwrites.com:

Any questions on Politicalwrites.com republishing and contribution guidelines? Send them to Mac-Z Zurawski: politicalstarsnews@gmail.com

Thanks for being a dedicated reader!

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