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Resurrecting George Washington in 2020 Shrivels American Hope

The 2020 election for president started off with quite a bang from the Blue side with over 20 candidates spewing how their diversity could make America the greatest again.  We had several women, Latinos, and African-Americans reflecting true American diversity. Well, that ended quickly as we now have all older white males running, Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, and President Trump.   We will call this the Washington Effect after our benevolent first leader, President George Washington. Let’s explain why this effect may be part history repeating itself for an unstable American electorate.  

It starts in preschool when we celebrate our amazing presidents in February-Lincoln and Washington’s birthdays.  From that early age, the benevolence factor begins where we are taught an unconditional love for our presidents. Both white males and both from time periods that couldn’t be more different from today.  But we learn to love them anyway. We make penny pictures for Lincoln and cherry tree drawings for Washington. This is simple yet effective. As we grow, we continue this tradition and many more connecting our hearts to our leaders.  

By that spring into adulthood at 18 it’s finally our time to vote for one of these leaders.  These youth have the deepest connection to these white males than the rest of the electorate.  They have the least experience in the effects of taxes, laws, politics, and life in general. That may be one of the reasons they have the strongest support for Bernie Sanders.  He’s just like a grandpa to them when he states everything from school loans to insurance will be free. They have benevolence for him for reversing generational demands for responsibility.  Sure, many older Americans also like him for the same reasons. Socialism sounds easier than continuing to struggle to the top. Nothing is wrong with that unless you have already paid into the system for 45 years or more.  Does a refund come with the new easy, peasy lifestyle?   

Then there’s Biden.  Another Washington figure as he is hailed as a leader having the most experience in White House leadership.  He’s also an older white gentleman. He’s already been to Mount Vernon, run the country with an African-American president and stopped kissing the girls.  We can trust this older white man to lead us. Then why didn’t the Democrats pick him to replace Clinton in 2016? Because the American electorate had liked the change in their presidential hopefuls.  Now, that backfired, it’s time to go with the average white guy again-the Geroge Washington of the crowd.  

Then there’s President Trump.  We are continuously challenged by our upbringing to respect our president even if we disagree.  In 2020 that has completely changed if you haven’t watched the news or social media lately. Hate and love are all it boils down to.  People mask it with vote Red or Blue but Trump isn’t so different from the other candidates. He, like Biden and Sanders, is in the 1%, has sexual misconduct against women in his past and a history of racism.  Biden and Sanders have both voted for policies that don’t expand the inclusion of diversity.  They have been tough on crime in their decades on the Hill which harms minorities the most.  They both heckled women in debates and during campaigns. Lest we forget Elizabeth Warren’s reaction to Bernie lying about her on stage. The facts are in America.  We have eliminated all hope of diversity to attempt to re-elect another George Washington.  A person which promotes issues that are misaligned for the American electorate and disrespectful of minorities.  For once it was our choice of just about anybody and we went with Good Ol’ George. Good luck with that.

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