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Re-Mapping The 2020 Electorate By Seceding Cities

As the 2020 presidential election nears, political pundits are hacking new schemes to win the White House.  They’ve presented everything from eliminating the Electoral College, to nearly 25 Democratic contenders to allowing non-U.S. citizens voting rights.  Several states are considering lowering the voting age below 18 so our unruly teenagers can decide our adult fates. The Electoral College is a key component to equalizing state sovereignty with federalist representation for national rulership.  Eliminating the Electoral College is a contorted idea that would disempower U.S. citizens. We must focus on empowerment for all U.S. elections, not less. If politicos want to win the Electoral College votes, then they must make new states from seceding cities.  They could add at least seven new Blue states to our country’s flag while ensuring seven diehard Red votes.

Urban Voters Control State Progressiveness

America has become an urbanesque country with the majority of the population now city dwellers.  These city dwellers have a tendency to be more liberal as they live with a true melting pot and higher crime rates. City folk live 20 feet from their next-door neighbor witnessing the dire effects of conservative laws on minorities and the poor.  Their ideologies evolve by the direct influence of their living arrangements, always trying to make everyone happy. Rural and suburban residents do not directly deal with extenuating circumstances of their neighbors due to extensive space between homes.  These more conservative voters have different needs like environmental issues, farming, and much different school districts. They are two different worlds.

Take the Money and Run

The economics of a city control many aspects of a state.  California is the worlds fifth largest economy with the majority of the money flowing from the coastal cities.  Chicago contributes the most tax money to the state of Illinois yet, they are consistently denied equal state funding.  The New York City vs. Upstate New York is a boondoggle of an argument as well. States with large cities tend to believe that the cites are politically overbearing while economically strangling resources for the rest of the state.  City economies add value across their states from driving tourists through small towns and cities toward the Big Apples to higher taxation that leads to state coiffeurs. If the rural and suburban residents are so sure of an inequitable city impact, then let cities secede and take their massive economies with them.

57 States of America  

The last presidential election, Illinois was the Blue island in a sea of Red yet the majority of Illinoisans are Republican.  Boston and it’s smaller cities are predominantly Blue leaving Republicans a minority in the entire state.   While Des Moines is a liberal city, with fast-changing demographics, Iowa is split 50-50 for electing Republican presidents.   The urban influence is apparent in Tennessee, the great Southern Wall of Red, where Nashville is True Blue.  Los Angeles is Blue as well as New York City and even Seattle is very Blue.  If these cities were states they would have a huge impact on the Electoral College due to their high populations.  The U.S. would add seven new states while keeping our country intact. No civil wars, just civil separations.

Civil Separations

Instead of dismantling the world’s most remarkable Constitution, we could instead tear our cities apart from our states.  We could have our own Brexits across the nation enabling politicos to increase their influence while economically stabilizing large city resources for their own residents.   Allowing cities to secede to become new states could honor our Constitution, dis-entangle state/city economics and make elections more equitable. Everyone is happy.

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