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Primary Elections Are The Will of The Party, Not The People

President Trump is the only person that can be on the ballot thus far in the 2020 election.  As the incumbent president, he has an inalienable right to run for election without the involvement of party politics.  Republicans and Democrat elected officials are dropping like flies for the next election cycle but it’s not the RNCs or DNCs choice, it’s theirs.  Their voters are now being prepared for the next cycle of picking and choosing candidates. Yes, the People will choose campaign ready candidates. Well, that’s until the primary for these races.  That’s the problem here America, it’s time for the parties to stop choosing candidates. Our Constitutional right is to choose among the candidates until the frontrunner is chosen in the primaries. These frontrunners are normally the chosen candidate by the party’s receiving the largest financial donations and campaign support.  In the 21st Century that appears to be fraudulent leveraging of elections. It’s time We the People eliminate primaries and hold open elections which allow a wider array of candidates that have professional experiences while decreasing taxpayer funding responsibilities. 

Currently, seven states have cities that implemented Ranked Choice Voting.  It presents diverse candidates with a focus on Independent hopefuls.  Municipal elections present a vast choice of candidates but the higher the office, the less choice We the People have. It needs to be our choice all the way to the top.  As of September 2019, the Democrats had 20 people running for office.  These candidates represented every region even Hawaii. The DNC decided that only candidates with certain criteria could attend nationally broadcasted debates that provide immense coverage for all the candidates.  Instead of the DNC allowing We the People to see every candidate, they made the choice for us. Worse yet, the DNC isn’t a representative body, it’s merely a political interest group. We need a national law that stipulates that all candidates have the opportunity to present at any public forums for any office.  It’s our choice. 

A quasi-Constitutional abuse of the DNCs power is the elimination of a group of governors that were running for president.  They have been eliminated as “winnable” candidates leaving only Washington insiders in the race. A governor represents and creates laws for an entire state’s populace-easily over 1 million people.  While a Congressional representative has a much smaller constituency-averaging, 700,000 people. Governors lead national and regional initiatives while Congressional representatives are lucky to have statewide initiatives. Nearly half of all US presidents were governors before the White House.  Let We the People decide if they want an experienced national leader. 

Primaries are a heavy financial burden costing $427 million in 2016. The entire cost of the 2016 presidential race including all private and public monies for candidates, polling, and primaries, was a mere $2,386,876,712.  Wow, we could have eliminated homelessness in several regions, updated schools and fed the hungry for what it costs to elect a president in America that we can’t even choose.  Primaries are a burden that eliminates our money and our choice.

Primaries and political parties are forcing us to choose between two evils in general elections while taking us to the cleaners on the bill.  We the People must demand a change to our electoral process that eliminates primaries which in turn will eliminate the fraudulent powers of political parties to choose our elected officials for us while stopping the raid on our pockets. 

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