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Political Writes’ Best Of The Best 2018

It’s been a great year for politics.  We saw a record number of women and minorities finally ascend the arduous journey up to Capitol Hill.  On the other hand we have seen the word Russia more than we ever wanted to in our lives.  If America could possibly pick a political word of the year it would definitely be investigation.  From the Midterms to good ol’ Cohen, everything is under investigation this year.  Transparency has come with it’s price as Manafort and Cohen receive their prison sentences.  Yet, nothing comes to light more than the operational conundrum in the Florida ballot battles.  Floridians and the nation have suffered under an archaic voting system that has possibly allowed too many non-winners into political seats.  Political Writes discussed this several times, simply resolving to vote online.  We are still betting voter activity would liven if you could just vote while scrolling Facebook in a separate tab.

The best political word of the year should be we, as in we the people.  After 30 years of declining voter registration and turnout, we finally returned to the polls.  We started this movement in the beginning of the year with our second annual Women’s March.  We continued to carry the torch as the #MeToo movement grew into it’s own Hollywood shocker.  We protested across the country to stop a Supreme Court Justice from taking the bench, hope you remember Kavanaugh.  We had more strikes across the country than in any recent years as the Labor Movement stepped up for the working people.  We also had more job opportunities than in the last 30 years.  We finally joined our experiences as a diverse America at the Midterms making the House Blue.  But we aren’t all protesters and or anti-Trumpites.  We are all Americans that joined our hearts with our heads to make our voices heard.  No matter what color you choose in the voting booth, we must always choose Red, White and Blue as our favorite colors.  It’s We The People that make this country great, not we the politician or we the White House or anything about Russia.  It’s we that may not agree on a policy but can sit at the dinner table and still love each other, still wish for that American Dream of yours to come true.

We are the best of the best and will always be.  We, the United States of America, the people who fight for their minority rights, their children’s futures and the capitalist economy we all complain about.  You are all the best of the best this year and every year.  Keep those voices loud and proud especially when singing our national anthem.  We might not have to get along but we must remain united.

Thank you for an amazing year as Political Writes has covered a wide spectrum of solutions for we the people.  Your comments, shares, likes and the simplicity of just reading the articles has made this our best year.

Can’t wait to see what 2019 will bring.  Happiest holidays!

Please enjoy the most clicked, liked, commented and loved articles from this year.  These have all been the grand choice of the readers.

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Hope to see you all in 2019!

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