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Millennial SCOTUS Watch

The fight of the 21st Century will not be on a
foreign land, nor between warring political parties.  It will be on the steps of the Supreme
Court.  Our Millennial daughters and sons
are inheriting a Conservative Court descending upon their extremely liberal
lifestyles.  Gorsuch will empower the Conservative
“law of the land” council as liberals continue to march in the streets.
Millennial issues are normally very liberal from legalization of marijuana to
repealing the death penalty.  They are
definitely at odds with the Baby Boomer Conservative Court Justices.  Upcoming cases and petitions on the
Millennial watch are: Friedrichs v. California
Teachers Association, Carpenter v. United States, El_Nahal v. Yassky,
and Salazar-Limon v. City of Houston.

Millennial Economics

According to Pew
, 62% of Millennials feel the government must assist the poor.  If Friedrichs wins in Friedrichs v. CTA,
unions will be decimated which is the Capitalist standard for boosting lower
class employment, in turn, creating the Middle-Class.  Loss of unions will force Millennials into a
permanent Gig economy.   The Labor Movement is the historic force
behind positive changes to American employment, currently the greatest
supporters for @Fightfor15.  If Millennials want to ease their extreme
student loan debt combined with low starting pay and a dead economy, they will
need to join the Labor Movement.  

Techie Generation

The Digital Native generation will encounter privacy of
technology issues more than any other generation.  According to Pew Research, 81%
of Millennials
are on Facebook and use technology on a 24-hour basis.  Their technological networks now fall under Intelligence
-led policing.  In Carpenter v. United States, the 4th Amendment’s ability
to protect cellphone data will be decided.
In El-Nahal v. Yassky GPS data
may violate the 5th Amendment.
Both of these cases will directly affect the role of Millennial based
networking, work and lifestyles under criminal justice.  Cellphones may become a 21st
Century liability.

Diversity is Lawful

According to the US Census Bureau and Pew
, half of all babies born in America are non-white with 43% of
Millennials in adulthood being non-white.
From Ferguson to Chicago, Millennial protesters have voiced their
opinion regarding racism within our governmental system especially the criminal
justice system.  In March 2017 Pena-Rodriguez v. Colorado the Supreme
Court ordered that jurists who relied on racial stereotypes in court decisions
is against the law.  Yes, it’s always
been against the law but for the first time in many years a case was turned back
to the State courts for a re-trial.  

A second petition on the Millennial SCOTUS watch is Salazar-Limon v. City of Houston.  The petition centers upon the right of an
officer to shoot someone in the back.  If
an officer were to shoot someone in the back, whether the officer testifies
that the person had shown any type of waistband movement for a weapon or made a
threat, the officer is guilty of excessive force.  An officer’s sole testimony of the movement or
threat is no longer undisputed fact just because they are an officer of the
law.   This law is tied into diversity since the
number of police shootings of minorities is high.  

Millennials will need to watch as a Conservative SCOTUS begins
deliberations on essential validity of cases and petitions that will directly affect
Millennial life.  

Big Brother is watching.
Are you?  

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