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Media Politicking Our First Amendment and Privacy To Death

As Americans we constantly say, “I have a right to voice my opinion”.  As many of us know watch what you say can be more important than watching what you do.  There are always ears listening.   News agencies must learn that Americans want real, definitive news that they can rely on as a learning tool for our 21st Century needs while protecting our privacy.  A right to be forgotten must be enacted while the media continues to endanger our First Amendment.

Journalists Bite The Hand That Feeds

As the fake news war continues Americans are the ones who lose.  The media learned they are now the losers when nearly 1,000 journalists, editors and publishers lost their jobs.  The HuffPost lost its entire opinion section.  That’s understandable when most owners of media are corporate leaders.  The news industry is owned by 7 different conglomerates that fund their news sources through ad revenue.  If your opinions are based on negative attacks on businesses, pro-business leaders and anti-government you should know what to expect. Media conglomerates are fighting to stave off their eminent declines as news becomes personalized and digitized.  Businesses have found new ways to place ads on social media that drive revenue.  So, why would businesses continue to fund news that attacks them?  Business leaders know to put your money where your mouth is.  You can’t bite the hand that feeds.

Politicked to Death

According to an extensive study by Axios/SurveyMonkey 92% of Americans do not believe the news anyway.  Readers insist fake news is intentional and bipartisan.  The anti-government war in the newsroom is finally having a negative affect on readers.  Just do a quick Google search for the word Mueller- you will receive 292,000,000 results.  We the people know there’s an investigation, how many times are you going to tell us?  We want news that matters like local events, occurrences and stories.  According to Pew Research, readers want unbiased news.  They don’t want to hear a political dissertation on President Trump’s tweets on every news channel, in every paper and all day long.  We love cable news channels but the same story 24 hours a day is killing the networks.  We the people know that the trickle-down effect of the Congressional wars will have little effect on us locally.  Most legislation and services derive from the local government level.  Take the time to tell us how our immediate lives will be affected.  We know how you feel about Trump!

The Right to be Forgotten

In Europe media have a rule that a private person who becomes newsworthy has the right to stop coverage-the right to be forgotten.  If the media refuses, they face large fines.  In America we must create an amendment for a similar law.  Since 2014, Google received 650,000 requests to be forgotten from its European audience.  This law allows your average person to remain anonymous without the fallout of 15 minutes of fame.  It also allows peoples private information to remain that-private.  Americans need to propose such a Congressional Bill with a few adjustments.

First, the bill must cover people who want their identities to remain private, we will call them privateers.  No tagging on Facebook, hashtags on Twitter or pictures on Instagram to start.  Even when we ask people not to post pictures they still do anyway.  It’s time that your request has legal and financial  consequences.

Secondly, companies that search for people must have cease and desists for these privateers.  No more Googling someone’s name and being able to find out their address, email and birth date.  Just try googling yourself to see what pops up.  It’s a horrendous breach of privacy.

Thirdly, if a person is in the news they have the right to ask for all articles and videos to cease.  This is where the European law comes into play.  Maybe a beautiful woman is filmed walking on the street or a guy is photographed slipping on ice.  That can’t turn into a meme or gif and get far if there is a cease and desist by the person.

Lastly, the media may not like this but a story must die.  Government workers should not be allowed to be hounded by a paparazzi brigade.  Mueller, Cohen and the like are still private people.  They were not elected and their private lives should not reach the media.  They have a right to work and a right to be a private American.  We are not advocating for the news not to tell we the people the truth but keep it work related.  These people have kids and family too that are suffering for the ridiculous media show.  Media needs to keep the facts the facts about the government not about the people.  Who cares if someone likes chocolate ice cream?  That isn’t the news.

Rule Changers

Even though the media tends to be the only way we the people can find information, we must advocate for changes.  We must begin to turn the channel when a worthless or fake or bipartisan story appears.  We must stop buying into the newspapers editorials that are always one sided.  Here on Political Writes you will find an expansive array of analysis-based on teaching people their rights.  That’s what the news must become before it politicks itself to death.

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