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Mass Shooting Solutions We Continue to Ignore

What are the odds you will be harmed in a mass shooting?  They’re so random there isn’t a true statistical warning number for any of us.  We may be leery of shopping at malls, working at federal buildings and the ever-increasing violence at Wal-Mart.  Though mass shootings are a tragedy, so are overdose deaths. We will examine Chaos theory and inductive reasoning to find a solution to curbing the murder rate of mass shootings.  

Chaos theory states chaos and order are not always pathologically opposed. When you view a system that seems chaotic it will eventually produce a solution to the chaos. The chaos of the opioid epidemic is finally declining.  There was a 5% decrease in overdose deaths directly linked to opioid prescriptions down to 68, 557 in 2018 from 70, 237 in 2017.  There is a direct correlation to this decrease in overdoses tied to state legislation limits on prescriptions.  There are 15 states that instituted opioid prescription limit laws and overdoses decreased.  According to Chaos Theory, even though the opioid epidemic was raging out of control, by inserting certain behaviors it provided a solution to cure the rising tide of deaths.  

Now, let’s view mass shootings in the same manner.  In 2019, up to August, there had been 251 mass shootings, set to outpace our worse year, 2016.  A historical analysis of mass shootings found various guns that are used unload 10-45 rounds per minute. Some AR-15s which have become a weapon of choice for mass shootings can unload even more rounds with a “bumper”.  These tragedies have occurred by mostly mentally ill and bullied people. Those are the facts.  Inductive analysis provides a probable scenario for a mass shooting-a mentally ill person with high powered guns and cache of ammunition.  Comparatively, they have been known to carry more guns and ammunition than our military

The inducted facts and Chaos theory can lead us to believe mass shootings may not decline as a proven rise has been stated for 2019.  But we must begin to ask ourselves what can be a solution to a decline in the number of people murdered? A limitation on military-style weapons of mass destruction along with a limit on ammunition purchases with an expansion of mental health services.  

A comparison to bridge the theories and reasoning.  Cities such as Chicago are known to have 70 shootings in one weekend yet only 9 people will die.  Why? A lack of military-style weapons used in drive-by shootings. The 1-10 shots fired decrease the number of innocent bystanders murdered.  Even in the chaos of a city where millions of people live and fight on the streets, a clear inductive fact is found. This is not to say that military weapons have not been used in gang and city shootings but it is a rarity compared to mass shootings.  In reality, shooting crimes have actually decreased in cities with stricter laws to keep shooters in jail or rehabilitated in anti-violence programs. 

This leads to the next solution for mass shootings-institute forced mental health counseling for troubled workers and bullied teenagers.  If we cannot help people who seem to be having a mentally hard time we can’t save ourselves. Today, bullying prevention is finally presented as a mainstream health issue but it must be supported with increased services.  These counseling services have proven to be a factor in decreasing gang violence, why not expand them at work or school?  

The solutions to helping ourselves isn’t a Constitutional battle, it’s a battle to admit what we see and go forward with what we know we must do.  Limit military-style guns while increasing mental health.  

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