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Is Your Safety At Risk?

We all believe in the Second Amendment-our precious right to bear arms. Even though the law was created during a revolutionary time due to British abuses, we get it.  Our Constitution guides our rights.Concealed Carry Reciprocity borders on incivility in violence plagued America.  Congress is currently mulling a federal law allowing tens of thousands of guns to cross state lines.  How does that make anyone safer? It doesn’t. A federal Concealed Carry Reciprocity law endangers our Constitutional rights of Federalism and our lives.

Don’t Tread on My State

Federalism protects each state’s rights to a level of sovereignty including gun permits.  Each state has different gun permit/ carry concealed permit rules-some more strict than others.  An AJPH study found states with looser gun restrictions had 10% higher rates of homicide. If the federal government insists on creating this federal law we must vote by national referendum.  Our lives may depend on it.

Residential Approval First, not Second

Residents across the US have been consistently polled regarding a federal CCR. Studies repeatedly show, we the people don’t want it.  According to Giffords Law Center, 52% of Americans disapprove of Conceal and Carry period.  Doesn’t majority rule with minority rights? Further polls find NRA members, between 63-75%, believe in gun permit restrictions.  These same restrictions would not be enforced in current federal CCR legislation. It would literally be the luck of the draw depending on the state a person was in when a crime was committed. We the people must have the final vote on a federal CCR law. See you at the polls.

Guns Create Cops v. Citizens

In June this year the US Conference of Mayor’s passed a resolution opposing the CCR law.  They, and just about every police force across America, believe a federal CCR allows thousands of unregistered, unrestrained and untraceable guns into their cities, schools and neighborhoods.  American cities continue to be besieged by gun violence which is growing with and by the ever expanding opioid epidemic.  Law enforcement departments are under public attack for the rising violence in Chicago, Los Angeles and little known Monroe, LA. Their ability to control gun commuting has been a failure evident in the mass amount of guns crossing the Indiana/Chicago border. Nearly 60% of Chicago gun crimes are committed by out of state guns.  Our national database on crime, the UCR, has massive information missing on crimes especially in smaller towns and cities. These are the same small places like Newtown where violence unexpectedly occurs leaving residents shocked.   A federal CCR law will further inhibit our police forces to protect residents from violence while leaving many victims wondering who dunit?

Guns Decrease Quality of Life

Gun violence is an epidemic in America.  From the massacres at American universities to the repeated offenses at Fort Hood. Many feel we are a nation under siege by gun toting criminals.  According to Cure Violence violence spreads similar to the Bubonic Plague, it’s just a different rat spreading it. First the violent act occurs creating fear and the thought of retribution. Secondly, PTSD and anxiety begin in the immediate people affected and those surrounding. Third, the victims become victimizer’s similar to carriers of diseases.  The violent cycle is then created by a new “victim/victimizer’s” further spreading the disease. In Chicago studies have found 1 in 4 people in violence plagued neighborhoods have PTSD. That’s at least three more carriers of the disease. If the federal government created inoculations for diseases like polio and chicken pox, why can’t gun laws for the people, not against them be legislated? We must stop a federal CCR that does not include strict gun permit guidelines or we will infect millions more.

We the People Must Speak

We must protect ourselves from some of our neighbors as well as those we have elected. We must further our education on CCR-available by clicking on the links above. Then we must take action with organizations that will speak with and for us such as the Giffords Law Center.  The most important is to directly contact elected representatives from the bottom up-https://www.usa.gov/elected-officials.   If all politics are local your first line of representatives will spread your words up the ranks. Get on the phone, click a link, sign a petition but most of all keep more guns off the streets.

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