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Is The Khashoggi Tragedy Worth A Foreign Policy Disaster?

Saudi Arabia has been key to American prosperity for decades and vice versa.  They, like all governments, have their secrets.  Americans are still wondering who really killed J.F.K. or if we really landed on the moon.  The Khashoggi case is like many before it from Snowden to Watergate.  There are going to be scandals but is this case worth a foreign relations disaster?  Let’s examine job hazards, the good of one versus the good of all and the media’s slanted involvement.

Journalism Is A Dangerous Job

We all have hazards in our jobs but we accept them at a price.  According to the U.S. Department of Labor there were 5,190 work related deaths in 2017.  Construction workers fared the worst with 991 within their industry.  That’s a horrible price to pay for a middle-class job-sometimes these jobs don’t even pay all the bills.  But houses and businesses and skyscrapers are erected everyday from the construction industry.  Mike Rowe is famous for his long running show, Dirty Jobs. Journalists are no exception to the rules of dangerous jobs.  For centuries the truth and trend setters have always been victims of their own stories.  During the beginning of the Middle East War (yes, it’s well over 10 years now), journalists were beheaded on TV.  Journalists covering wars have lost life and limb to tell the people the truth or their slanted version of the truth.  Does anyone remember the movie, Good Morning, Vietnam?  In several instances the radio reporter, our dearly departed Robin Williams, was censored.  The truth has many consequences but is it worth a foreign relations disaster with a 60 year ally in the unstable Middle East?  We must rely on foreign relations powers and diplomacy while reflecting real global issues.  Unfortunate circumstances of a hazardous job should not be a guiding light in global stability.

All For One Harms Many

The UN and EU have criticized Riyadh in their handling of the case, namely the changes in Khashoggi’s fatal circumstances.  Have the UN and EU examined the genocides and famines occurring across the globe.  The DR of Congo has been in a decades long war with famines starving their future generations.  Children continuously perish from a lack of food and clean water.  Is Khashoggi more important than these children?  He shouldn’t be because he knew the risks he was taking.  The US Foreign Relations team including President Trump need to focus on real life issues instead of one journalist.  Sure, we could say what happens to one could happen to us all but isn’t it already.  We have lead in the water in Flint, MI, thousands of children dying in the Congo and women are still stoned to death in India over gossip.  As Chief Diplomat, President Trump’s delicate handling of this case with Saudi Arabia can empower the US in the Middle East.  His implied and enumerated powers in foreign relations are creating stability even if the circumstances are being strained by media. President Trump and Congress must use specific skill sets and Constitutional powers to enforce their agreements with foreign countries regardless of popular opinion.

Their Very Own

Khashoggi has a benefit none of the 5100 other fatal employees had, a rush of media attention.  He was one of their own as stated in an opinion article by The Hill.  The media’s attention can be a great and powerful message for the public.  They have brought us social justice such as covering the Black Lives Matter campaign, #MeToo and Congressional insight.  But at what point does it create the same barrage of undue influence?  We care about workers especially when they risk their lives to present the truth of matters we would not find in everyday life.  We appreciate the hard work of journalists that study their prompts and even read a book or article on politics before an interview.  But they aren’t all foreign relations experts.  We must allow the case to unfold in an unbiased manner so the people understand all sides of the tragedy.  We must continue to educate on the incredible role of Saudi Arabia as a harbinger of power for us.  One article stated that Saudi Arabia may have killed Khashoggi because of what he knew.  Didn’t the U.S. ban Snowden from ever returning without excessive punishment?  Didn’t the U.S. have the Red Scare trials in the 50’s and put “spies” in jail for a lifetime?  Aren’t we the nation that burned innocent witches at the stake?  We need our foreign relations and diplomacy to follow the federal guidelines stated in our Constitution, not what the 5 o’clock news says.

What If We Did Ignore Foreign Relations Guidelines?

Just imagine what gas prices would be if we went to war with Saudi Arabia?  Let the media tell the U.S. people that and public opinion would change quickly.  Just think about the women in Saudi Arabia that can drive cars and not be publicly stoned in the streets.  Think about the Arab Spring and how it didn’t create the change we all believed it would.  Remember Anonymous, they’re not jumping into this debacle because it’s not worth it.  We can not create global stability based on trends or emotional storytelling.  Let the Chief Diplomat and our Congressional leaders take the helm for this one.




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