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Independent Voters Changed More Than Alabama

Have you ever voted for the better of two evils?  Both candidates in an election didn’t really connect with you. Regardless of party, candidates are all trying to run “middle of the road”.  The middle of the road may seem like it appeals to all but it doesn’t.  During elections, especially presidential, campaigners focus upon the swing voters.
Those voters that will vote for the issues, not the party. Research from Michigan State University found these voters have declined from 15% in the 1960’s to 5% today.  At the same time Independent voters have risen.  The only difference between a swing and an Independent voter to campaigners is none.  Campaigners and poll watchers
monitor these voters the same since they obscure party affiliation stability.   If Americans truly feel they don’t have a home in one of the party, what is our future at the polls?

An Independent History

A little history on Independent votes opens the doors for future ramifications. American analysts were shocked when Jill Stein took 1% of the vote in the presidential election. Stories circulated, and Twitter got hateful for that tiny margin.  No one really brought up Gary Johnson’s 3% vote total. What all of the stories and 140 character messages didn’t include or conclude is that Independent voters have been rising. According to Gallups party affiliation trend analysis, an average of 40% of voters have remained Independent since 2004. These voters are tipping the scales of elections.  Some blame them on Clinton’s loss yet the DNC and RNC knew they were coming. Campaigns can no longer focus on Super voters, those voters that vote party line in every or nearly every election. The rise of the rest is making American history.

Independent Voters Changing America A Vote At A Time

Independent voters are overturning local elections. The December 2017 election battle between Roy Moore and Doug Jones in Alabama seemed to be between the Democrats and Republicans.  Jones landed the it but the data tells a different story.  Every news station from CNN to FOX tried to blame the 1.7% of write-in votes on Republicans telling voters not to vote for Moore.  That’s not the whole story.  Voters are consistently voting write-in as Independents.  Even President Trump acknowledged the write-ins in his congratulatory message to Jones

In 2015 one of the most nationally powerful politicians, Mayor Rahm Emmanuel, was almost unseated by Independent Jesus “Chuy” Garcia.  Even though Chuy has a long political career in Chicago, he turned an election upside down. Chicago hadn’t seen a mayoral run-off in nearly 30 years.  Seventeen of the 50 wards were also in
run-offs with Independents winning several seats, namely Carlos Rosa in 35. Rosa is one of the youngest Alderman and part of the Progressive party of Chicago.  During the general election in 2015 few people mentioned the nearly 30% of the vote taken by another Independent named, Peter John DeMay in the 12th Ward.  Though DeMay was removed from the ballot for illegal signatures, voters still used their voice with write-ins.  The Chicago Machine is being dealt a heavy blow as Chuy Garcia runs for U.S. Representative Luis Gutierrez’s spot.  Even though Chuy had always been a Democrat, it’s the 12th Ward Independent Political Organization that is funding and supporting him with significant support from the Chicago Teachers Union. Independent voters are the new norm across America.

School Boards Become Independent Think Tanks

School boards are generally a stepping stone for a political career.  They garner attention with hundreds and
sometimes, thousands of parents, i.e. voters. A few school districts in the nation saw turnover that seems unsettling
for the yellow brick road to politics. Milwaukee had a raucous school board election when a radio personality
created the Leaders for a Better Community political group to support their own candidates.  Though LBCs candidate Aisha Carr lost, the election was a turn in campaigning. The LBC became a well-funded and highly publicized
political group challenging the school district superintendent.  Bet on the LBC coming back for even more elections in Milwaukee.  In Douglas County, Colorado four seats were vacated due to candidates refusing re-election.  The four seats were filled by two different Independent parties not affiliated with the majority party of the school board. These new independent voters supported a private school voucher program.  Compare these two stories with Trenton New Jersey’s school board election.  Mayor Ras Baraka influenced the board by openly endorsing candidates.   The board is now filled with his Newark Unity slate.  Unlike other boards, this board will reciprocate the mayors support by rubber stamping his ideas and programs.  Now, that “dependent” school board is truly a political puppet.

County Wide Changes

County, town and village board or council seats are changing due to Independent voters.  County seats are generally a great way to wield power in a wide expanse that includes larger voter numbers than a city.  These are somewhat considered a stepping stone to a U.S. Congressional seat. Arlington County Virginia’s board has seen some changes due to Independent and progressive candidates.   This board is unusual because Virginia has always been a mainstay for Republicans. In 2017 the board had a Democratic Progressive candidate that was winning the deep blue voters trust for a nomination.   The previous year, Libbey Garvey, an independent, maintained her seat against a highly endorsed and well-funded candidate.  According to the Green Party they hold 143 seats across America.  The county seats-county supervisors, town councils and village trustees, tell the story.  Wisconsin has three Green Party county seats in a state that has become very red. That seems a new path since Scott Walker has filled almost every seat he
can with Republicans. The other 6 county seats are dispersed throughout America.  These county seats filled by
Independents are a hard grab for unknowns. Usually, a major party’s state and county organizations, for example the
Cook County Democratic Organization, raises the money, hires and fills the campaign spots and has other elected officials on the campaign trail.  Independents winning a seat where a majority party is already in power is revolutionary in a small way.  It’s a beginning.  A very Independent beginning.

Rise of the Rest

The rise of the rest is part of America’s future campaigns. The Independent Voters Project is an organization that claims over 420,000 members.  The project hosts training on voting, precinct assignments with a variety of legal teams.  As Gallup and elections are stating, the two party system isn’t for everyone.  A multi-party
system is rising.  Independent voter organizations are helping people win in smaller local elections as well.  School boards across America, generally the stepping stone of a political career, are gaining minority seats.  These seats are being promoted by the Independent voters that believe the same ol’ story for education funding and resources
isn’t enough.  The Independent and write-in votes will continue to tip the scales of elections.

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