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Impeachment is Just A Divisive Game

Watching the Trump impeachment brings back waves of sad memories.   As a proud American, it’s hard to watch a president Fall from glory like Bill Clinton in 1999.  It was heartbreaking to see a man the people had become a mere political joke.  We see new leaders in their respective parties rise like Newt Gingrich who was in all his glory as he resurrected the Republican party during that trial. Sometime later several of the leaders involved in that fateful Clinton impeachment fell themselves.  Gingrich would eventually commit capitol crimes while Tom DeLay would be ousted for campaign finance crimes.  These two leading figures may have revolutionized their party but at the highest cost for the people, removing the person they voted for. President Trump’s impeachment is eerily similar.

All Americans lose when our presidents are impeached.  Hold on Diehards let’s see this from an average voters viewpoint.  First, how many Americans can even tell you where Ukraine is on a map, the history of the country or it’s connection to Russia.  Ukrainian people have been imperialistically controlled by Russia for over 100 years.  They suffered the Holodomor in the 1930s and nearly 100 years later they are still merely subjects to Russia.  Do they really have the power to change American history?  Unfortunately, they do now.  We haven’t been provided a true education on any political deals, connections, consultancy or business with Ukraine.  We’ve only been provided bipartisan news clips, 9-second news flashes, and biased political opinions.

The point of this impeachment isn’t that the president or other politicians have broken the law, it’s a feeding ground for a political boxing match.  Trump was elected president because enough Americans chose him.  The Republicans were able to secure the Great generations vote along with conservative evangelists mixed with a massive outpouring of rural voters.   When President Trump was elected, we had massive marches across the nation in protest.  The Democrats were able to invigorate people on the streets but not at the polls.  They took their heaviest losses in suburbs and rural areas.  This is just to prove the point that he was elected by the People.  It wasn’t a Gore/Bush fiasco where we could still say the votes were stolen.  He was duly elected.  Is it our right to impeach him for one party to regain prominence?

According to a rolling poll by FiveThirtyEight, only 46% of those polled believe he should be impeached while around 85% of Democrats believe the same.  Republicans have maintained about a 10% or less agreeance opinion.  The impeachment is a public court case that is obviously partisan.  Since Congress and the American People are biased, do we have a tainted jury?   If this case were in a normal court every person from the witnesses to the Congressional leaders would be considered committing juror misconduct.  

It’s time we get “woke” America.  Politicians are not saints nor are they always law-abiding citizens.  They’re deal makers and breakers.  This impeachment is just another deal for them. If Trump is removed from office, then we have Pence.  What will be the difference?  See, we haven’t paid attention to the VP who is the major connection to the Koch Brothers and the diehard Conservatives network.  If the only difference between one president to another is to invigorate voters, then the Blue Wave may have just woken up more Red voters.  The People need a fair trial and that means who we vote for is our choice no matter if it’s a president having an affair with an intern or a billionaire with lousy language.  It’s still We the People, right?

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