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Does Church or State Stabilize America?

Do CEOs pray to get their positions? Do judges use prayer to hand down sentences to the uneducated? How does drug addiction happen?  Maybe desperation is created by lack of education, not by losing your rosary.  The latest Pew Research on partisan opinion is mind blowing.  Across the spectrum of party differences two issues express America’s war of odds: religion and education.

Pray or Politic

According to the study 73% of Republicans believed that religion has a positive impact on the state of the country.  While only 50% of Democrats feel the same.  Why?  Republicans are more rural where church is their social and business connections.  Democrats, majority in cities, have endured massive tragedies. The scandals of several churches, not just Roman Catholic, are mainly in cities.  Prayer hasn’t helped the crime epidemics of Chicago, Trenton, NJ or St. Louis.  Business people don’t use prayer circles to decide their next merger, they gather data.  Hope is different in cities-it’s based on extreme community activism and banging on local governments door for help.  Desperation is different in cities-it’s a constant.  When a family is shot in a public park, what do you pray for? Even religious leaders joined the political realm to fight for government intervention, namely Father Michael Pfleger. Educated politics are helping his community, not just prayers.  Religions impact is a necessary derivative of community action in cities.  It’s not the greatest common factor in making life safer or more positive.

Education is the Future

According to the Pew study, 72% of Democrats felt education made a more positive impact on America while only 36% of Republicans agreed. Democrats believe in the faith of education. Education leads to lower crime, lower drug usage and lower unemployment.  The combination makes life more positive. Let’s use the opioid epidemic as an example.  The majority of addicts are uneducated. According to addiction studies, a lack of education is the first step to becoming an addict.  The hopelessness of poverty leads to life in crime and drug ridden communities.  If you are what you eat, you are what you live in.  The opioid epidemic is sweeping rural areas where the belief that education is second to religion showing prayers weakness.  Entire communities are becoming addicts.  Are the prayers helping?  Educate people to ensure a future for America.

America’s Future Depends on Collaborative Ideals

The Pew study partisan differences are even more alarming as a collective thought.  Only 33% of Republicans favor Labor Unions compared to 59% of Democrats.  The data doesn’t lie, non-union workers make half to a third of what union workers make.  Poverty is not positive.  Support higher wages and benefits.  It’s simple. Only 33% of Democrats believe banks are positive for America while 46% of Republicans favor them.  That’s odd.  The majority of the South and rural areas where Republicans thrive have seen greater jobs losses from hostile takeovers of farms to the ever crumbling Rust Belt companies.  Where were the banks when the community needed them?

A reversal of hegemony in the media is surprising. Or is it? Only 10% of Republicans believe media is a positive American institution while 44% of Democrats favor it.  When all media refused to call President Obama, president, it was okay.  When Nancy Pelosi was never called with the title Speaker of the House, it was okay. When Bill O’Reilly tore apart guests while groping women at the news station, that was okay.  TV anchors and media personalities are actors.  They are not criminal investigators, judges or Wall Street bankers.  They read from a prompter.  If you want to know what’s happening in America go to the library and get educated. While you’re at it, take a few politics courses.  Education gets you jobs, the truth and stability.  You pray for a new bike at Christmas, you get educated to make America Great Again.


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