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#DIY Lobbying Congress

What issue motivates you? What are you willing to do to be heard?

We all have an issue or issues that motivate us to speak out or up or against or for something.  What steps do we take after airing our grievances to our friends and neighbors? We usually just let it go with a feeling of helplessness. If we are really interested, we may attend a Town hall meeting.  The majority of citizens believe lobbying Congress is only for professionals, large organizations or people with money.  That’s not true.  Congress has been lobbied from small town residents concerned with fracking to the mothers of stop the violence. These few people learned how to navigate their Congressional leaders just like lobbyists.  In order to be heard follow the simple steps in this Prezi on lobbying Congress.  Just a few people can help you spread the word with phone calls, Face to Face meetings and advocacy days.  The greatest challenge is finding endurance as any process in government can be a long haul.  Best of luck and keep us updated on your progress!

Try this Path to Lobbying Congress to get your issue on the national agenda.


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