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Cooperative Federalism is the Key to Solving Crisis

Cooperation is the key to our success from social distancing to the governmental distribution of key supplies.  Cooperative federalism has always been and will continue to be an important puzzle piece in beating the COVID-19 crisis or any crisis for that fact.  Politicizing the crisis is and will continue to harm any chance of overcoming COVID-19 quickly and efficiently. This is not a pro party piece so if you’re looking to bash one party or the other you probably want to look for a different article. The great political divide we are living in hampered our chances from the beginning of the crisis.  During this time of our greatest endurance, we watch political leaders press conferences become sparring matches of blame, we can’t afford that disruption.  We must understand where and how our supplies will be transferred based on cooperative federalism with all politics aside to mitigate our needs.   There are three means of governmental federalism supply chains we should understand to feel more hopeful that there is an answer to avoiding doomsday.

We have all seen FEMA in action whether in our hometowns or on TV as natural disasters have increased throughout the years.  We know that the governors of states formalize a state of emergency and then they can call on the president and Congress. What people don’t realize is once that formal statement is in place, states have the ability to initiate their own formal supply chains within the country and globally.  FEMA and the president don’t handle the entire natural disaster response, there are logistics provided by state and federal cooperative systems. That is occurring during COVID-19.  Supplies by the federal government such as ventilators, masks, and even health workers will be shared by the federal government to the worst-hit states like New York. Wherever the disaster is worse is who receives the supplies first from the feds since there are 50 states.  Could you imagine having 50 mouths to feed? Not everyone gets the first bite.  

State crisis systems provide increased partnership during crises as well.  Oregon sent medical supplies to New York along with China.  States can bid for supplies from throughout the globe without federal red tape. New York has been bidding along with other states to companies for supplies. States use the Commerce Clause to their advantage when a crisis hits allowing them much needed relief.  Governors as leaders of our states must use all their technology, national and global networking connections and financing to secure supplies for their residents.  That’s the job of governors-run the state. They will receive emergency federal funding but it’s up to them to get the supplies. It’s a global health pandemic that they knew was coming for a couple of months.  Instead of wasting time in press conferences to hate on the prez use your time to find contractors from businesses to get your supplies. Uncle Sam isn’t really their rich uncle.  

Unbeknownst to many people, most government scientists are career workers and stay employed through every new presidency. When the NSF began to announce to states that the COVID-19 pandemic was on American soil, it was time to activate state crisis systems.  No matter what the mixed messages of the president and his “green behind the ears” circle were saying, the states were informed by the federal careerists.  These states were also informed by their own scientists and medical leaders that the pandemic was spreading. State political leaders can’t shift blame if nationwide notices, briefings and press releases with studies have been shared by the experts.  They knew it was coming. This is in no way to bash state leaders. It’s to state a fact that they knew so blaming anyone isn’t going to make Corona go away so deal with it as a professional. 

Unfortunately, for many Americans besieged by this pandemic, we only have politically aligned news sources to rely upon for information.  Whether you’re a Fox or CNN newsie the coverage is very different. Watch the Department of Homeland Security, the CDC and the NSF if you want up to date information without political pandering.  But we have to admit that people looked at this virus through political lenses. Italy has almost 10,000 deaths as of April 5th, 2020 and rising. That should be enough proof that cooperative federalism must be enacted without politicizing this pandemic.  It’s not an election year for doctors, nurses or essential workers. It’s the year they may or may not survive. Stay inside, stay safe and choose your news without a dose of politics.  

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