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Concealed Carry Isn’t a License for Murder

Would you kill someone over your car?  Imagine watching someone break in and try to steal your car.  Would you kill them? Is your car that important? Sure, it’s the vehicle that gets you to and from work, takes your kids to soccer practice and picks up the groceries.  A life without a car would be difficult for a minute but would it mean the end of your life? Probably not so it shouldn’t be the end of someone else’s life either. Concealed carry isn’t a license for murder, it’s a law for protection.  Let’s examine a few ways that concealed carry may cause your life and others’ lives a dead end.  

In August of 2019, 5 young males were attempting to steal a man’s car.  The concealed carry holder shot and killed a 14-year-old in the group.  Now, the state of Illinois is attempting to charge all the remaining four boys with murder.  An Illinois law states a person who is involved in a felony crime where murder is the result of anyone involved, whether it is an accomplice in the crime or the innocent victim, murder is the charge.  Sounds crazy but it’s even crazier that a concealed carry holder thought he could shoot and kill someone over a car. The murder charge should be reversed with the shooter guilty of murder.  It’s a car, people. A good friend suggested that criminals may suffer for the rest of their lives with a felony conviction but they shouldn’t have to suffer with their life. If the shooter’s life was not in danger than he violated concealed carry which states a person may only use deadly force when their life is in jeopardy.  A stolen car is an inconvenience, not a death sentence.   

Unfortunately, this type of abuse of concealed carry is occurring randomly and frequently.  In the Spring of 2019, a Denver man shot and killed a man stealing his car.  The shooter shot at his car as it was being driven away which evidence was used to charge the shooter with first-degree murder.  Both cases may have different results but both are a reflection of the incivility concealed carry can cause when in the hands of the wrong person.  We aren’t even going to mention the mass shooters with concealed carry.  

The core message is that concealed carry is not a license to kill especially over materialism.  If we as a nation desire concealed carry to be a plausible means to ensure our Second Amendment we must be responsible carriers and shooters.  Studies have shown that concealed carry states’ violent crime rates increased as people are now “protecting” themselves. The projections from these studies present a 13-15% hike in violent crimes for states that have concealed carry laws or right-to-carry laws.  Even if violent crime increased due to Stand Your Ground and other related laws, we must remain responsible and civil or our concealed carry rights can be reversed.  

Now, for the real focus on these stories and statistics.  If we allow concealed carry then laws surrounding murder and self-defense must change.  The Illinois law mentioned earlier must be abolished since more people have the right to use a gun in self-defense which can and has ultimately ended in a murder.  There must be a balance within our laws that not only provide protection of ourselves but the protection of ourselves within the statutes of our laws. It’s time that we mandate that all states must charge murder for materialism while exonerating the accomplices.  With concealed carry, we are all accomplices. 

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