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Commutations For All Is The American Way

Let freedom keep ringing Mr. President. Millions of Americans have suffered the same fate as Rod Blagojevich. Millions of Americans have been unjustly sentenced.  We need to let freedom ring for those incarcerated for drug offenses and crimes of poverty while bringing our children home.

Today and every day forward, we should break the chains of those serving time for drug offenses that have been non-fatal.   Currently, 45% of prisoners are serving time for drug offenses while the nation changes laws to accommodate restorative justice for the opioid crisis.   If we are a just nation, then drug offenses related to addiction, a majority of cases, must be commuted through the same methods of restorative justice. Our prisons are overloaded with mothers and fathers that could be home raising America’s future generations.  Free those sentenced for the crack/powder discrepancies. A crack rock shouldn’t mean 30 years in the rock while powder dealers are home and safe in a couple of years. Marijuana is now legalized in 11 states for those 21 and older and a total of 33 states for medicinal use.  If we can not make it legal federally then release those imprisoned in the states where it is now legal.  We cannot have two laws that contradict each other. A contradiction that makes our sense of justice go up in smoke. 

Let freedom ring for prostitutes.  It’s the most dangerous job with 204 per 100,000 dying from their occupation while incarceration is high.  It’s a known fact that women will be imprisoned for prostitution while the Johns are released with a slap on the hand.  Each year Americans spend $200 million processing the nearly 80,000 prostitution arrests. Spend that money on rehabilitation for these women.  Finding them new jobs and safe places from their pimps and ex-customers should be a priority. Prostitutes aren’t guilty of anything more than providing a needed service.  It’s up to us to spend our money the way we want as a right as a consumer. Reverse the discriminatory sentencing while legalizing prostitution. If the government is so concerned with the tax-free exchange then make it a viably taxable profession.  Sex like marijuana has health benefits not just for customers but for the economy.  

The bondage of bail and legal fees is next on the list of freedoms. Anyone who is serving time for fines and fees to the government needs to be released.  Currently, 62% of people awaiting trial are imprisoned for a lack of bail money.  The lack of monetary abilities leaves families without parents, businesses without employees and communities without activists. Let these people go back to work to put money into our entire economic system not just into a prison system.  

Our future generation of Americans is behind bars with nearly 48,000 American kids imprisoned daily.  From detention centers to halfway houses, America’s kids are a cash cow for the injustice system. Kids go to jail due to a lack of money for lawyers, rudimentary knowledge of the justice system and inability to find support.  Let the kids out of juvenile centers for non-fatal crimes. They need to go back to school. American families must remain intact to build the futures for these youth together. Uncle Sam cannot provide the nurturing they need within the injustice system.  Free America’s kids so they can help America grow. 

In a society that is based on truth and justice, it’s time that we commute sentences as part of healing the nation.  It’s up to you Mr. President to make that system just since decades of politicians, both Red and Blue have refused to intervene.  

Image by Tayeb MEZAHDIA from Pixabay 

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