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Child Sexual Abuse Isn’t Just A Rich Crime

Do you feel safer at night that accused child molesters/rapists Jeffrey Epstein committed suicide and R. Kelly is in jail?  You shouldn’t.  Every 9 minutes child protection services across the U.S. substantiate cases of sexual assault against children.  These two high profile cases just accentuate the rich versus the poor image of crime. But children and rapists are always in this situation.  Children never have lawyers, security guards or spotlights, they’re always powerless. Let’s finally tell the truth that we must protect children by advocating for reforms in our churches, schools and in our justice system. 

Church congregations across America have been as shocked and rocked as the Catholic regime.  Though its been 17 years since the Boston Globe spilled the Catholic church’s dirty secrets, the list of Catholic predators continues to climb. As the news slowed down in America, hundreds of people came forward in Latin America, to expose the Catholic regime’s lackadaisical reformations.  Since 1998, 380 leaders and volunteers within the Southern Baptist church have been accused of sexual predatory actions.  According to the Houston Chronicle database on these predators, these same people have received jobs in other churches and community centers.  

These two scandals would leave people believing that We the Parents don’t care about child molestation because both regimes are still flourishing.  It’s time you take action by researching through newspaper, law and state databases about your church leaders and volunteers. Though the Christian bible may promote forgiveness it also tells us to protect ourselves especially the children.  Join reform groups for your church and advocate for changes similar to the Virtus training in the Catholic church.  Most of all, see something, say something or the Jeffrey Epsteins of the church worlds will continue to prey on our future generations. 

We have 37 very smart states in America as they have passed and implemented Erin’s law. The law teaches children Body Safety guidelines while combining and expanding teacher and parental education.  Mandatory school classes teach children age-appropriate techniques to recognize sexual abuse and to tell a trusted adult.  Teachers receive expanded knowledge on sexual abuse, the signs and methods for reporting. The parental training provides sexual abuse signs, very important as kids try to hide these instances from all of us.  Parents are afforded assistance, referrals, and resources for the support of sexual abuse victims. The law presents sexual abuse as combined victimization as we acknowledge when one child is harmed we are all harmed.  

State laws on the statute of limitations for sexual abuse must also be re-aligned with the truth on how and when people finally report abuse.  According to studies, sexual abuse victims do not come forward with their experiences for up to 40 years.  Women we have recently heard from in the Kavanaugh Supreme Court case and Bill Cosby did not speak for 20 years or more.  Time should not be of more importance than the crime.  If murder can have a timeless statute of limitations so must the murder of the soul and life of a child which studies have confirmed occur on sexual assaults/molestations/rapes. Find out what the statute of limitations is in your state and advocate for a change to limitless time for the prosecution: https://www.rainn.org/public-policy-action. Time isn’t of the essence, justice is. 

Though We the People have grown stronger in advocating for our nation’s children, we are still falling short of full protection.  It’s time we continue to advocate on the local to state to the national level to ensure justice for our future generations and our past victims. 

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