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Can Women Politicians Save America?

Hillary Clinton’s loss to Donald Trump in 2016 shocked our nation.  It’s not just the popular vote vs. electoral college issue.  It’s the issues women tend to promote and legislate that we will miss as American citizens.  Women hold just 23% of government offices across the nation. It’s time for a change. Women are skillful masters at promoting peace,
conquering poverty and educating the future.

America’s Violent Reputation

Women are the peacemakers. Truly, they are.  According to Pew Research, only 22% of women own guns compared to 66% of men. Men commit 93.3% of all crimes. Men committed almost every single instance of mass shootings and
violence in America.  These statistics prove women consistently work toward peace in their homes, schools and teach
their kids peace values.  If women can teach peace and restrain themselves from violence at these massive levels, why wouldn’t their methods be positive for America? In Chicago, there have been over 2000 shootings-mostly male victims and shooters, and over 500 shooting deaths-again mostly male.  A female mayor of Chicago and other violence plagued cities, could be the key to prosperity in peace.  Not convinced yet, here’s the proof. Mayor
Lovely Warren of Rochester, NY
has worked with her police department and community organizations to see the lowest crime in 30 years.  Her work has set her city ablaze in prosperity.  It’s time to run women for mayor in violence plagued cities.  Peace is where the real success is at.

Women Feed The Nation

Women have always been the major mobilizing force behind increasing federal government food aid, establishing food pantries and creating guidelines for school meal programs.  Women legislate sociotropic issues while men are pocketbook legislators.  According to Feeding America over 40 million Americans have food insecurity. Congresswoman Jan Schakowsy (D-IL) introduced and passed legislation on the SNAP program in 2012.  Since then the program has expanded helping thousands of American citizens.   Michelle Dahl opened Michelle’s Little Free Food Pantry in Franklin, Indiana, to help her neighbors fight hunger.  Communities across America are
eating due to the work of women.  Today, our President and Congress want to scale back food programs and other social services that feed lives.  We must continue the “feed America” movement by electing and supporting women that will bring food to the table.

Miseducating the Nation

It’s a shame that America’s schools are in such disarray.  Millions of dollars pour into these crumbling public school systems. Women have heeded the call to begin healing our schools.  The Chicago Teachers Union president Karen Lewis invigorated her 20,000+ teachers to fight for educational equity.  The Chicago Public School’s majority minority students are finally receiving some, but nowhere near full equity, in their classrooms. Women understand life skills must also be taught in the classroom.  Senator Kathy Klausmeir (D-MD) introduced the HOPE Act-Heroin and Opioid Prevention Effort Act that insists secondary schools teach classes on the American epidemic.  Thousands of women volunteer at schools across America from the lunchroom ladies to crossing guards to tutors. If women
are the majority of school’s leadership then why not elect more women to direct our schools?

Women Lead the Way

This snapshot can open discussions and thoughts on why we are leaving women behind. Our nation, our generations and our prosperity are in danger if we do not have equity in our government.  A balance between the social issues and budget balancing differences of male and female leaders.  Our food insecurity, growing wage gap and increasing violence have not been cured by any means with majority male governance.  Make a positive change for
the future-vote for women.  Our future depends on it.

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