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Can The Kavanaugh Protests Change America’s Future?

As the Kavanaugh trials continue the opportunity for true change for American women may be garnered.   The momentum of the #MeToo movement could have far-reaching impact on sexual assaults, rape and even domestic violence.  But I wouldn’t bet on anything happening any time soon.  The social movement spawning from these trials could take decades to indoctrinate society.  Yes, the movements we have witnessed in the past decade or so have changed many minds and conversations, but few laws have been born. Social movements generally have a four-step process: emergence, coalescence, bureaucratization and decline.  We will review how the recent social movements have fared in indoctrination before their decline.   If the future can be changed the protests need to be more than a political ploy and indoctrinate their protests now.

Occupy Wall Street mobilized millions of Americans to fight the 1%, reminiscent of the proletariat and bourgeoisie battles of the Industrial Revolution.  But where is it now?  It’s basically in decline without having created any laws that save the 99%.  The Fight for $15 was born of this movement yet few states and cities are paying workers that wage or anything close to it.  We now have a 1%er in the White House and a technocratic government.  OWS needed to create the laws or mobilize votes while the protests were gaining momentum in mainstream America.  Their bureaucratization stage  was weak ending their movement.

Black Lives Matter was an incredible resurgence of the Civil Rights Movement.  It was amazing to watch the Michael Brown protests.  People were finally taking to the streets.  Better yet, it was women at the helm of this movement. But a few years later and Black men are still dying in ridiculous numbers at the hands of police.  Why?  A lack of indoctrination into law.  As #MeToo takes front and center in the media, the BLMs bureaucratization stage is weakening.  Even in Chicago as the Laquan McDonald case finally goes to court, the DOJ investigations results in changes to the police department are null and void.  Like the OWS results of their movement, we have a president that now is publicly supported by white nationalists.  We also witnessed a decline in the powerful Black vote in the 2016 election.  Even worse, Ferguson, a majority minority town, estimated at a 67% African-American population re-elected the same people they were protesting with an appalling 30% voter turnout.  Indoctrination must have a turnover of concrete changes for a movement to be successful.

The #MeToo movement is a surge in the revitalization of the Women’s Movement.  The Women’s Movement is over 100 years old and in it’s third wave, but indoctrination has been difficult. Sure, more women are in the workforce than ever before, but a majority of poor, lower class and minority women have always worked.  The pay gap issue is still rampant especially in “female dominated” careers such as at-home caregivers and administrative positions.  The ‘ Women’s Movement has been a gift for all of us but there have been issues with changes even for women to progress.  The 2016 election had more rural and white women vote for Trump than Hillary.  Women as a collective didn’t crack the glass ceiling.  The #MeToo movement appears to be moving women’s sexual safety into every dinner conversation but it will need much more not to decline.  It just so happens that it appears to be peaking close to the Mid-Term elections, will indoctrination move into the vote? Currently, there is a mixed message on who believes Kavanaugh or Ford that mimics the instability we have witnessed in society.

In discussing these recent movements, each one has struggled in turning indoctrination into powerful laws.  The key is the lack of indoctrination going to the polls.  It’s not protests that change America, it’s the vote.  It’s turning the movements momentum into a wave at the polls.  The media consistently discusses the “blue wave” that is expected for the Mid-Terms.  Is that based on recent elections?  There was a social democrat-a Bernie Sanders type of politician that took a district in New York, while mostly we have seen incumbents stay on their thrones.  A movement can only be as strong as the people that are not just hollering but actively making a change in their vote.  If #MeToo isn’t a political ploy we should see a rise not in the typical abysmal voter turnout but a turnout of the incumbents and conservatives.

Political Bonus

If you would like to guesstimate the Mid-Terms go to the following sites and view the numbers of conservatives and liberals at the polls in recent primaries and elections.  Then count how many of each side are coming to the polls.  Glance at the past 2 elections and then you’ll know what wave is next.  It seems it may be more of a mist than a wave. CNN has graphs and results from several years try it out https://www.cnn.com/politics.

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