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Can We Re-Unite Our Nation For Progress?

For 243 years Americans have struggled through diseases, wars, the Industrial Revolution and now the technological revolution.  Throughout these years we, as a nation, have watched our own generations grow, move away and eventually come back. Today, a collage of incredibly different Americans live among each other from the Great Generation to Baby Boomers and Millennials.  New Americans born on other shores settle here looking for their own American dream. Never have Americans been at a greater divide since the Civil War over 150 years ago. Today and every day forward its time we stop the Great Divide and start making our American amends.

Today, we as Americans must focus on the real issues that beseech all of our lives.  Taxes have consistently risen with fewer amenities. Call your Congressman or woman and start asking when and where your new park or community center will finally be appropriated?  A place to build community instead of worrying about the Border Wars is the only way we can mend our divide. In February of 2019, 58% of Americans did not want to expand the border wall, they were worried about the economy, child care and jobs.  Invite your neighbors over instead of wish them away.  

If it’s all about jobs, jobs,jobs then it’s time to push the Fight for $15.  How much is the minimum wage in your state?  Can it feed a family of 4?  How about a single person? It’s not the people coming across the border that will hurt the economy, it’s stagnant wages and non-unionization.  Right to Work laws have been proven to decrease wages while increasing injuries and state assistance to families. It’s time to call your political leaders and insist upon higher wages with full benefits such as healthcare, vacation and equal opportunity for advancement.  Unions aren’t the enemy, low wages are.  

According to a study by Pew Research, Democrats cited climate control as a main priority.  Maybe it’s time we stop thinking it’s a left or right thing and see it as a scientific thing.  There are few senior citizens that don’t mention the change in weather patterns in daily conversations.  The old, “I remember when I was a kid…” It’s time we take those conversations seriously. If we review weather patterns, we have had a substantial increase in flooding, hurricanes, tornadoes and droughts in the past 50 years.  Quit using the “fake news” reports to decide the fate of Mother Earth and learn the reality of our climate beyond the front pages.  All news media is based on corporate sponsorship so it’s business guiding the news, not even politics.  

Speaking of climate, the political climate of America is abhorrent.  People against people. That’s exactly what it is. Our schools have one of the lowest ratings for a “civilized nation” yet we spend our time protesting abortion.  If we could get all of those protestors, pro and anti choice together to protest the lack of educational resources and funding, we could make smarter kids now.  You know the ones that are already here and struggling. Maybe we could then have them protest the poisoning of our food with RoundUp and other chemicals. Then we could have smart and healthy kids alive right now.  What an Ameri-can type of idea!

As we celebrate our birthday as a nation with fireworks, barbequing, family, friends and a little bit of the beach, let’s start celebrating our similarities instead of our differences.  The Great Divide is not helping us to build community as one political party insists upon a bloated sense of false supremacy over the other. Those two parties have been in power for over 100 years and we have issues people, real issues.  Let this year be a celebration of Americans, born here or there but forever free with the rights to make sure we always are. Pledge to make the next year about using your Ameri-Can abilities to make America great everyday together. Together we stand and divided we fall. 

Happy Birthday America!!!!

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