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Can America Afford to Intervene in the Turkey and Syria Conflict?

Do you remember the Great Recession?  It’s kind of hard to forget.  According to the Congressional Budget Office, we are in for a much worse ride.  They are projecting that long-term debt will increase from 78% of our 2019 GDP to 144% in 2049.  The United States government will be bankrupted and defaulting on loans across the globe.  Plenty of us are not concerned with the effect on China, Indonesia or our European partners-we are worried about ourselves, Americans.   As we should be since we own 70% of the national debt, just about $15.4 trillion.  China and Japan are the two second-highest foreign investors among the other 26 countries. We have $7 trillion dollars in loans throughout the world.  A world that we have stabilized, imperialized and expanded their industry.  We have also made no shortlist of enemies due to our imperialistic nature.  A lack of international collaboration in conflicts and our debt burden may be legitimate reasons to refrain from more military conflicts.

             There have been 21 genocides and mass atrocities in the past century with a collective death toll of 139,900,000 people.  The majority of these killing sprees occurred while mass communication was available either through telegraphs, telephones, internet, and global newspapers.  Everyone knew but no one stepped in.  Hotel Rwanda was a successful film, why?  We, the globe were not successful at intervening to help nearly one million people murdered within that ill-historic 30-day spree but we liked the movie.  If we didn’t help all these other people, why do we have to help Syria now?  Where’s the rest of the globe?

Consequently, these events prove that global people do not collectively help each other in times of need. It’s even worse when your global brand is tarnished through decades of imperialism.  According to a Pew Global research study, foreign people’s image of America has declined mostly in past favorable places.  Even though it may seem unusual, 59% of people polled in the Netherlands, one of our NATO allies, find our country to be unfavorable along with Western Europe.  Predictably, Chile and Mexico find us the most unfavorable in the Latin American countries.  The entire Middle Eastern region had an unfavorable rating above 60%.  A review of the entire study found only 58% of all countries surveyed still found us favorable.  That’s a decline of over 15%.  The emergence of unfavourability and imperial overstretch with massive loans denotes a change Americans must make with, through and by our government.

America cannot continue to be the policeman of the world with a raging debt if no one else will intervene.  We must have a new law, forget NATO-that’s over, that protects We the People from constantly fighting everyone else’s battles.  The battle we must fight is to decrease our debt and win the wars on our streets.  When the world needs help they continuously come to us yet global citizens don’t like us.  Then don’t call us. 

We need a national law that limits the number of resources we can send for foreign conflicts.  We cannot spend more on other people’s safety than we spend on ourselves.  According to studies published in The Nation, the nearly $6 trillion dollars spent overseas is driving inequality in our own country.  Our wealth gap continues to climb.  We must invest that money in our own communities.  We need wells, schools, industry revitalized. It’s time we revert to isolationism.  Pull our troops out and fight the economic war that may destroy our country.       

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