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America’s Re-Opening Comes with Liabilities

America’s great re-opening includes liabilities for customers, workers, and businesses. So who is to blame when someone gets sick if we re-open?  How can we protect ourselves from financial and health ruin?  

Businesses are confused about their liability for the Covid-19 illness. Are they responsible if an employee or customer becomes ill? Unfortunately, as businesses open up these questions and many more haven’t been answered by swarming militias and economic focused politicians. In April 2020, President Trump invoked the War Powers Act to force businesses to open such as meat companies and our American car companies to make supplies. Sure, we needed the ventilators but do we need meat? We sure do since only 5% of Americans are vegetarian. Meat is still a source of protein and a main profit for the restaurant business. The meat shortages have raised prices which could be avoided if we could simply switch to different food sources. But as price gouging continues at the grocery stores and food stamps dwindle, we are still liable to feed our families. And meat it will be. So if we contract Covid-19 from our food sources who’s to blame? 

As we enter the Great Depression era of unemployment, should banks open up? Though the majority of Americans use an online banking system people want a cash run. If the banks, which are federally registered and monitored to protect the people’s investment, open and tellers and customers get sick is it the bank’s fault? If you want your money, most now tainted by Covid-19, is your illness your fault?  A slew of lawyers is suing over the constitutional rights of people and businesses that refuse stay-at-home orders. We are not technically under martial law but again whose responsible for these people’s health?  

Before America fully re-opens we must indoctrinate our health fears with a pandemic responsibility law which could include self, business, and familial responsibility. It should include a segment similar to HIV transmission laws. The laws differ per state but focus on the transmission of the disease from one person to another the carriers or infected responsibility.  If a person is knowingly Covid-19 positive and socializes or works around others that get sick then it’s their fault. Then, businesses that have been infected must provide a mandatory cleaning of their facility before re-opening back to the public each time there is a sick employee. If an employee refuses to wear a mask and becomes Covid-19 positive the company is not responsible. If healthcare workers are wearing masks to save their own lives and those of others then we should be wearing them but it’s not mandatory. 

The costs of cleaning for businesses is better than not re-opening for many. The mandatory cleaning and responsibility law will alleviate businesses from shutting down permanently. If these laws were indoctrinated the debate over essential vs. non-essential businesses would dissipate. A pizza joint is now essential while a Hallmark card shop is closed. But Hallmark is an American staple store to celebrate the lives that are still being loved. Everyone has birthdays, anniversaries, and cards that are still mailed daily.  An essential business is anyone or anything that serves the public. In consumer-based capitalism, frivolous spending is the only way that we can keep everyone working.  But someone must be responsible. 

Our families must be included in the pandemic law. You are responsible for your children if you take them to school, to daycare, or to the park.  It is your responsibility to make decisions in the amount of exposure you are allowing. As schools went online our choices for education have expanded as well as new daycare services. Your children’s exposure cannot be deemed negligent if you decide to return to our open society and economy. That must be part of the law as millions of single mothers and fathers must decide between work and possible Covid-19 exposure for their family.

Why request a pandemic amendment? The majority of pandemics last 2-4 years. In the 21st Century, we are sure to have more health issues so we should be prepared. 

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