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America’s Healing Goes Beyond Politics

Have you ever been on a long vacation that lost its luster after the first 10 days in a strange place?  Have you ever been deployed to another continent?  Maybe you moved to a new state.  In any of these scenarios we as humans like our daily routines.  We like our normal schedules in our familiar places-it makes us feel safe and comfortable.  America was a media battlefield since the 2016 presidential election.  Even SNL became anti-Trump central eliminating comedy and the relaxation that comes with it.  Social media pounded our heads and phones with political division.  Even families were divided along political party lines. It seems I hope, that long, strange political trip is finally over.  

As Thanksgiving nears, there will be families that had been divided over politics, reunited.  There will be great political discussions on the immense increase of active voters for the 2020 presidential election.  Over 70 million people went to the polls the highest in our young nation’s history.  Multiple generations will spar over their different needs from our new president.  Boomers need decreases in taxes on their retirement while kids of Generation Z  may need an increase in online schooling.  In-between are the Gen Xers and their heirs, Millennials, having the hardest time maintaining long-term employment with dreams of buying a home staying just that, a dream.  One discussion that may disappear from average American mouths is about Trump’s tweets.  Thank goodness for that.   Whether someone thought they were funny, ignorant, or poignant, Joe Biden doesn’t tweet. The presidential thoughts on America will go back to the traditional means of press conferences and news stories.  Whew!

It’s the women that will have diverse discussions.  Kamala Harris broke the glass ceiling to become America’s first female vice president.  Yet, she didn’t ascend just by the support of women.  I’m sure that fact has Susan B. Anthony rolling in her grave.  There’s still a racial and generational split among women for women.  More women ran for office since Hillary Clinton was denied the presidency than in the Herstory of America.  It’s a new American norm that daughters, granddaughters, and nieces want to be a councilwoman or mayor.   Women are healing our nation with progressive social legislation that we all need.  

America’s political tribalism will not dissolve quickly.  It’s become habitual for people to socially divide themselves over colors, just look at gangs in the big cities where lives are lost over false identities in color-coded criminal cohorts.  Unfortunately, people have forgotten that Red, White, and Blue are everyone’s colors in America.  It’s been a hard four years no matter what side you have been on.  But just remember, those politicians, Biden or Trump, are not your personal friends, they won’t give you a ride to the store if your car breaks down or loan you $10 when you lose a job.  So, don’t focus on either of them anymore, just focus on healing as a nation.  Visit your neighbors that were Red voters, call your die-hard Blue brother.  Most of all, let yourself heal from the battle of the past four years.  Listen to a new song, read a new book, or start a new habit and leave the Tweets alone.  Heal thyself and you will heal thy nation. 

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