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American’s Hardscrabble Decision

Do you know who you want to vote for in the presidential election? Unfortunately, it’s become a contest between two morally difficult choices. Recently, the Hunter Biden scandal has ignited the news while President Trump continues to leave his mask behind. So what’s the average American to do? It may be a vote per connections to issues that prevail because if we look at the history of either party, we can barely admit that either of them have truly served the people.

A growing number of Americans, 45%, are now “swing” voters who determine the election. These are your neighbors who struggle with who they like better or even who they like the least on the ballot. These are the unemployed food service workers who lost their jobs yet received a $600 bump in their unemployment checks from Congress and President Trump. Then Trump extended the bump to the states against Congressional approval to help people. The extension of the CARES Act also extended the moratorium on $1.5 trillion in student loan payments. But then again, the states have had the majority of responsibility for handling Covid-19 mitigation and resources. But none of our illustrious governors are running, they’re still busy saving their states.

People could vote on the issues. The Democrats have a staunch long term connection to climate control. As coal usage has decreased poverty has risen across those regions with no lifelines from either party. Money is how people voted in those regions in ObamaCare has become a beacon of hope. This beacon has come to light many homes that previously agreed to eliminate it. Then there’s the refusal of the Democrats to pass a second stimulus package that could have dire election results.

Then there’s the women issue. President Trump has been rightly accused as a sexist and “pussy grabber” but Biden is no saint. The viral videos of Biden smelling children and touching women’s breasts in pictures cannot disappear from the same news channels that promote him. Neither of these “older white males” has a great track record for women and it’s a difficult choice for Republican leaning women to jump to Biden’s side. Kamala Harris is the answer for many women to finally have representation in the powerful president and vice presidential power scheme. But we had Hillary there before and we know what happened in 2016. The Democrats lost that one for millions of us. Yep, I said it.

Since we can’t vote on the moral strength of either presidential candidate what are we left voting for? Possibly a party, if we vote per issue. Or maybe it will be a truly personal vote. Like coal miners voting for their jobs while Millenials and Gen Zs vote for climate control. Women voting Biden to ensure abortion rights since the Supreme Court will have a deadlock on conservatism. The popular vote doesn’t choose the White House so as the campaigns ramp up on social media, the rural masses that make the final choice for all of us are still diehard Red voters. These rural voters have also been degraded as “rednecks”, “hillbillys”, “deplorables” and even worse-“white trash”. If there’s one moral decision we make beyond November 3rd, 2020 it’s how we treat each other no matter who is in the White House or what the upper class newscaster says. Those Red voters deserve respect too but we might have all pissed them off and made them staunch Trumpers. They’ll be letting us know sooner than later.

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