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Americans Caught in the Middle of a Political Sideshow

President Trump has been acquitted.  Millions of Americans are possibly upset since they voted for Hillary in 2016.  But there are millions that voted for President Trump who are also upset. Upset that even though their vote won, their voices are still ignored.  The sideshow needs to go and we need Americans to re-focus on our Constitution, politicians and how we can continue to make America great without all the paparazzi.  

Stop relying on apps to determine human votes.  The Iowa caucus was a raucous due to human error, not a computer.  We know that technology isn’t protecting our votes so why are we insistent on using it?  The 24-hour delay in vote returns was not only embarrassing but suspiciously embarrassing.  Why didn’t the precinct captains call in their votes? Nobody knows how to count on their fingers and toes.  The upcoming primary rules need to be amended that all election centrals have calculators to tally the human calls with human results.  It’s the apps fault is worse than my dog ate my homework. 

Mimes and mimics are for amusement, not national leadership.  Pelosi tearing up President Trump’s speech was just as bad or worse than his tweets.  Americans need politicians who are not using earned media for their own campaigns and popularity.  Sometimes you can’t be popular by acting in a professional manner. Next thing we will have Cheech and Chong smoking bowls in the Senate Chambers to create a better atmosphere.

There are quite a few amendments that protect our rights during a trial.  Not one was used or respected for the Impeachment debacle. There wasn’t a jury of peers, there were tainted witnesses and false documents and testimony.  We as Americans know all too well how prosecutors and judges can be politically coerced to harm innocent people. From high bail bonds to overturned convictions, we need politicians to focus on saving us from their unjust system not try to use it against each other.  

Minority rights start at home. Stop calling for the elimination of the Electoral College.  Our small states deserve representation equal to the larger states. The voters of Delaware and Rhode Island would be drowned out without delegate votes.  If any party wants to represent minorities then our small states are where they can start. The popular vote is just a divide and conquer technique that won’t work.  Just look at the lack of city-state campaign strategy to “retake” the Electoral College.  There is none. We are a nation of equals whether you like how we all vote or not. We count. 

Now, that some of the sideshows have been freaked out onto the national front page what’s next for Americans?  The vitriol emanating from Facebook posts, news interviews and between family members over politics doesn’t serve American communities.  It only serves the politicians who are millionaires having their cake and eating it to. If the political establishment wants to make America great again, they should make Americans their priority.  The DNC’s divide and conquer strategy isn’t going to work, the Electoral College will still be Red. The catfighting on TV by leaders isn’t going to work. We, hard-working Americans, know what clawing our way to the top really takes, gossip and tearing up the boss’s orders isn’t the answer. The War of the Roses must end or the American people’s votes will.

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