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A Choice of Life National Abortion Bill Appeases the Divide

Since the fateful day of January 22, 1973, women have enjoyed legal ownership of their bodies when Roe v. Wade was decided.  The life-altering case was decided during the height of the second wave of the American feminist movement to much fanfare and some catcalling.  Either opposed or applauded it changed America. It was just a short time after this law was cemented into our herstory, that women started entered the workforce in droves.  Sure, it was called women’s liberation but in actuality, wages had stagnated so a two-person income was necessary. Since then our children are raised by grandma and grandpa or daycare centers as we maneuver up the corporate ladder or attend school looking for better pay.  None of these female empowerment actions have required abortion. If abortion is not a requirement then how does it divide our nation? Federalism. Extremes in state laws for abortion wedge a deeper divide between women and their nation. If this nation wants to end the battle for life or choice a national law must be on the political parties agendas.

Abortion foes and allies storm capitols across the U.S. states in the hopes of advocating for the female future.  The problem is that we only hear of the extreme bills passed. In New York, the Reproductive Health Act passed after a decade long fight that allows abortions even at nine months.  The viability of life is definitely a question for too many people. Any law that advocates the death of children due to “fetal issues” reminds us of the eugenics movement. On the other extreme side, Alabama passed “make abortion a felony” law that restricts abortion to an unrealistic limit.  Even in cases of rape and incest. This is definitely not the proper interpretation of Roe v Wade.  It does not allow any personal and bodily freedom of choice.  The only answer is a healthy middle of the road national amendment.

Let’s call it the Congressional Choice of Life bill-a non-partisan law to help all women. The Choice of Life bill would enable women to receive abortions up to the third trimester if their lives were at stake.  Besides that emergency, abortions are only allowed up to the twelfth week. You should know that you’re pregnant and what you’re going to do within 90 days of conception. The bill will appropriate for state-funded abortions due to criminal acts against women such as rape, marital rape since so many believe this still doesn’t occur, incest, molestation, domestic violence, and drug addiction.  Drug addiction is a key provision. In exchange for the abortion women with addiction would also receive free rehabilitation services. We now have an opioid orphan phenomenon ruining community stability. Just think about the tens of thousands of babies born addicted. We should have learned from the crack epidemic what another addiction wave would do to our future children.

One of the most important aspects is that the entire abortion procedure including anesthesia and post-operational checkups would be covered by every insurance company across America.  Insurers would be liable for providing free birth control to all women on their plans. If we want to stop abortion maybe making birth control free would help. Just think about it. A woman has $75 for the rent or the pill.  What will she decide to do? Rent’s first.

These are just a few ideas to stop the abortion divide that really divides the entire nation.  These new extremist laws are mere party politics further enforcing and enticing political tribalism.  Neither of these laws help women because abortion is not required, it’s an option. But it must remain an option to enable freedom of women’s bodies and choices.  It’s time we decide as a nation on abortion. United we provide choice, divided federalism drowns your voice.

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