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Armed Body Guards are the Number One School Supply in America

Just imagine it.  Forget the No. 2 pencils, new backpacks and notebook paper.  It’s time we go shopping for a new body guard.  Little Jimmy and Kimmy are going to need more fire power than brain power.  I think this year we will go with the retired Navy Seal that promises to conceal his AR-15 in science class.  That retired Navy Seal can help with more than active shooters as bullying and opioids destroy America’s next generation.  Yes, this may sound unbelievable but what options for safety have schools, our states or the federal government given parents.  None that haven’t proven to fail.

Practice Doesn’t Make Perfect

Active shooter drills have been the newest answer to prepare students and teachers for potential violence.  They are a very basic exercise in running through halls, how to line up in a single file and how to properly hold your head down.  Students are assigned exits, in a very similar way to fire drills.  So, how does this help with an active shooter?  It doesn’t.  The Parkland, Florida kids were prepared until it happened.  Studies are presenting evidence the drills are harmful to children’s psyche.  Schools assume the drills mentally prepare children for violence.  Don’t assume our children don’t understand how active shooters spray bullets and blow holes in doorways.  That’s why every kid needs their own body guard.   Johnny and Melissa would be much safer if an off-duty police officer sat in the desk next to them.  Sure, parents would pay out of pocket but the odds of getting through an active shooter encounter alive are better with your own hired gun.

Teachers Should Have More Than An Apple A Day

Parents have sent a very mixed message on arming teachers.  Not even 50% feel that teachers should be armed.  People have stated many of the obvious reasons-nervous breakdowns, ability for kids to grab guns off the teachers and much more.  So, the only true adult in the classroom that can be trained to defend our children is banned from doing just that.  Time and again, teachers have been the heroes to the children that survived.  In Indiana, a teacher disarmed a student by throwing a basketball.  Antoinette Tuff talked an armed gunman out of shooting up the school she worked in yet believes arming teachers is a negative idea.  These two heroes both saved lives but what about other teachers?  Like the Parkland, Florida teacher that was shot to death as his answer to protecting the students was closing the door.  Teachers have been heroes and victims, but the kids are always the victims.  More children die in school shooting incidences than teachers.  If the states won’t allow this type of legislation, it’s obvious that parents need an option to protect their kids.  Wouldn’t you feel safer if you hired a hero for your own child?

Who’s the Bully Now?

The top three places where bullying occur is at school-the playground, classroom and in between classes.  Bullying has become an epidemic with suicidal results on the rise.  Studies show that bullied kids are 2-9 times more likely to commit suicide. Up to 160,000 kids stay home everyday from school due to bullying.  They are losing valuable learning and social interaction.  Bullying is an obstacle to growth.  If you hired that body guard, your kids chances of being bullied would go from some to none in a millisecond?  Who wants to taunt the kid with the body guard who carries a rifle?   Bullied kids are more likely to act out in violence.  Violence is a health epidemic that has long term effects but normally ends in another act of violence.  States and schools have laws, plans of action and guidelines but they have all failed.  Your own Mr. T is the answer.

It’s Not Just Guns, Pills Are Ruining Kids Futures

A shocking study was announced that more kids have overdosed from opioids than in US history. The number of children overdosing doubled from 2007 to 2015.  As the nation is rocked from parental opioid addiction, schools are still one of the main thoroughfares for drug purchases for their kids.  As your kid walks the school halls, the body guard will know who the dealers are and aren’t.  It would be hard for your kid to get involved with drugs at school if their body guard was around.  Think of the body guard as a guardian angel, always over your kids shoulder.  Their hourly rate becomes insignificant as the list of services increases.

School Picture Day

The 21st Century is witness to a different era in school picture day.  Its now hundreds of images scrolling across TV screens, websites and on the front page of newspapers of kids that will never have another birthday.  Kids that went to school and didn’t come home.  Some that came home and committed suicide from fear of further taunting.  The kid that popped one too many pills.  Schools are not the peaceful abodes of love and learning as society has changed.  We have blindly accepted violence as the norm, as the future.  From one parent to another and to another, let’s save our kids.  Get that body guard because no one else seems to care.  Ideologies will continue to clash as bullets race through blackboards.  If society won’t help us save them all, save your own.  There are thousands of US veterans looking for jobs.  That’s a great place to start for a body guard.  They have always been protecting us.


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