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97 Years and Waiting For Women’s Equality Day

As the nation tears down historically fascist statues, women still wait for their own recognition.  On August 26th, 1920 women celebrated the adoption of the 19th Amendment.  It gave women the freedom to vote but not to be equal.  We would wait another 4 decades for that right.  Ninety-seven years later we are still waiting.  Waiting for one federal holiday to be named for women. Unlike our male counterparts, we don’t want a holiday just for one woman. No, Cady B. Stanton Day or Gloria Steinem Day or Sojourner Truth Day.  We just want one single day to celebrate all women’s accomplishments.  A day politicians, volunteer organizations and our families need to support, propose and ratify.

A Vote For You is a Vote for Me

The 2016 presidential election may have floundered as Clinton lost but women showed their strength.
Politicians should recognize that voter power.  These same politicians come knocking once a year.  They don’t ask how little Jimmy is doing in school or how the increased sewer service fee is affecting family finances.  They ask for a vote.  The next time they come a knocking let them know a federal holiday for women is the only vote they’ll be getting.  Let them know that one hand washes the other.  Politicians understand this concept very well.  If they propose a federal women’s holiday, you can vote in their election.  If not, you’re knocking at the wrong
door.  Maybe they could line up all the statues of the slave holding and women abusing men at the voting poll.

Volunteers Need Support Too

Women are the majority of volunteers across the spectrum in the United States. The Red Cross began
with the careful work of Clara Barton.  The Black Lives Matter movement is headed by several women. PETA is a majority female organization.  These volunteer organizations need to show women support beyond a yearly appreciation dinner.  Volunteer organizations need to circulate, sign and show out for the Women’s
Equality Day
federal holiday petition.  These organizations need to take the lead in distributing the petition, phone banking politicians and educating the masses.  Nothing is for free.  Support those that support you.

Don’t Bite The Hand That Feeds

Sunday dinners are a fun time for families across the US.  Millions join together at their parents and their parents-parents houses. Multiple generations come together to discuss the latest family news while mixing a little politics in the dinner conversation.  Tens of thousands of these families discuss immigration policies directly and indirectly affecting them.  Even more discuss the continued racism in our society.  But how many discuss a women’s holiday? That needs to be the topic of each and every family dinner conversation. Each family needs a matriarchal leader to bring this topic to the dinner table with petition in hand. Families should not have to be given statistics and data on the expansive gifts women bring to a family.  Just think, the family wouldn’t be there without women. If women grow a family, that family needs to grow with her needs.  The need for equality and recognition.  Sign onto the
holiday.  Don’t bite the hand that feeds.

Who Advocates For Women

Presently, few organizations receive press or conversations on a women’s federal holiday.  Women
based organizations such as NOW and the AAUW are busy fighting for pay equality and child care.  It’s up to women to bring the holiday conversation to the forefront.  Women need to watch the statues fall and ask why
they’re not replaced with women?  The statues are just part of the entire process of change in America.  In order to change the fact that women don’t have any federal holidays, we must tear that veil down.  We must advocate for ourselves by voting, volunteering and at the dinner table. If we don’t, who will? Better yet, who has?

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