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Women’s Rights More Than A March

Millions of women marched across the United States to show solidarity and resistance.  But what can they do afterward?  Every movement in American history must have a follow-through strategy.  That’s the hardest part for some of these women who juggle full-time jobs, kids, husbands, and family.  Let’s try to make it easy yet productive for these women.

1.       Join The Movement. Join a chapter of the National Organization for Women.  They have always been the leading organization in America for women.  Their website, followers, and activists are the force behind the women’s movement.

2.       Discuss. Start a consciousness-raising meetup date for your community.  Invite friends, family, and new friends by posting it publicly. Find a little café, rent out a room at your local library or hang out at a restaurant.  Encourage people to bring one topic to discuss for each meeting.

3.       Write It Out. If you love to write, local papers are always looking for a new voice.  Start writing op-eds with guidance from the Op-Ed Project.  All politics is local, so your first line of representatives need to know how you feel. A local paper is normally read from front to back due to the immediacy of the news.  Call up the editor, email your letter or go to the office with your words.

4.       Make A Quick Call. Try the new 5 calls app.  Every day you will be notified of pending legislation that you can make a call to a representative.  You choose the type of legislation you’re concerned with and it’s sent to your phone. Download this easy and free way to get your voice heard.

5.       Learn It. Are you new to the movement or want to learn more?  Try reading one book a month on feminism and the women’s movement.  Goodreads has a list of over 1600 books to familiarize yourself with our lives.  Knowledge is power.

6.       Social Media. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are great ways to learn and share.  Join a Facebook group that is sponsored by leading women’s groups such as NOW, The United State of Women or a local group you are interested in.  Do you love to Tweet?  Try Twitter chat, follow leading women’s movement groups. Post pictures with a short caption of your women’s activism on Instagram to show your followers what you’re doing to make a difference.

7.       Community Meetings. Big cities and small locales all have public meetings of their local government. Decide to go to your City Council meeting or Townhall meeting.  Get to know your local representatives, their stance on issues and how to best contact them.  At the meeting, you’ll learn the agenda for the meeting, legislation that will be voted upon and more. Become your own power player.

8.       Run for Office. Politics isn’t what you see on TV or even hear on the news.  It’s a commitment by you to become the true representative that you’ve always needed.  Over 10,000 women have decided to run for office with immense resources from organizations across the US.  Get the knowledge to make it happen, find the organization to help you and start running. Here’s a quick view of what you’ll need-Want to Run for Office? Four Keys to Success.

9.       Network. Every day there are speaking engagements, fundraisers, and educational events for you to learn more about politics, women’s lives and the future. Go to Eventbrite to find a slew of local and national events.  It’s hard to go to some of these events alone but it’s different when you attend women’s events.  It’s a sisterhood and you’ll be welcomed.  Just plug in your locale, days and times you’re available and you’ll find a networking event.  

10.   Volunteer.  Women’s work is never done is a true statement.  Women can lead by volunteering at your local schools, veteran’s hospitals, political office, and more.  We have made some of our greatest impact by volunteering.  Let’s remember a woman created the Red Cross, women shelve food pantries and women lead our neighborhood organizations.  Commit to volunteering 4 hours a month to an organization that you will help lead.  The more women are the driving force of change in our neighborhoods, the stronger we are.  Try VolunteerMatch to get matched to the right type of activities you are interested in.

Get involved in more than just a march.  It’s easy to go out one day but to commit to every day is where the real change is for America and American women.  Be the change.  

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